13 Tips for Big Time Savings at Chewy

Chewy is an online pet retailer that sells everything you may need for your pets. They sell products such as food, toys, and even medicine.

Chewy provides you with deals on things you will need for your pet and has them delivered right to your front door. These 12 tips will give you the best deals possible when using Chewy.

1. Sign up for AutoShip

Autoship is Chewy’s program that sends you everything you need on a subscription basis. You get 30% off the first time you order through Autoship then 5% on all future orders.

The great thing is that you get to choose when your items get delivered. If you ever want to change your date you can do so without any fees. Autoship is the best way to order food or medicine for your pet for a discount and without having to remember doing it.

2. Use the Today’s Deals Tab

On the Chewy website, you will find a tab called “Today’s Deals” where you will find deals for any pet. From dogs and cats to reptiles and horses, this tab has it all. These deals, as the name suggests, change on a daily basis so make sure to check back every day to find the best deals possible.

3. Bundle and Save

Use the bundle and save option of Chewy buy frequently bought products together. This will save you lots of money in the long run. Not only will you get the best price on these items but they give you options of things that make sense to be bought together. Instead of having to search for a feeder and water bowl you can buy them together and save more money.

4. Get Free Shipping

Chewy.com provides everyone with free shipping for orders over $49. To save even more, try buying in bulk. Buying in bulk allows you to get free shipping every time. Even if you don’t spend $49 it only costs $5 to get 1-3 day shipping.

5. Full Year Return Policy

If you are not completely 100% satisfied with your Chewy order you can return it up to a year later. This applies to any orders being damaged or lost in the mail. All you have to do is send them the order number then send it back, once it arrives at the Chewy fulfillment center, you’ll get a full refund. However, this does not apply to prescription medication.

6. Use Auto-Refill for your Pets Medication

Like most medications for your pet, you will need a refill. You can go through Chewy to get a subscription for those refills. When you get refills on your pet’s medication from Chewy, you can use the Autoship feature to get an additional  5-10% on the medication refills.

7. Use Customers Favorites

The customer favorite tab provides you the ability to find what’s right for your pet based on the recommendations of others. There you will find the most popular options for everything you need. This section is separated by product types such as food medicine and treats.

8. Shop Chewy Exclusives

Chewy has a wide range of products that are exclusive to their company. These are companies that partner with Chewy to give you the best deals possible on their products. This includes companies such as OnGuard flea and tick protectant, American Journey dog food, and various Frisco products. There are savings up to 35% on these products from the Chewy exclusive products.

9. Chewy Give Back Program

Help your community through Chewy’s Give Back Program. Chewy partners with local shelters in order to help local animals. You can help in a couple of ways. First, you can go to the giveback part of the Chewy website and enter your area code. From there you can see the wish lists of shelters near you.

Then you can buy products from that wish list and Chewy will send them directly to the shelter. The second option is to find a local shelter and Chewy will help you get in contact to find out to help and volunteer. 

10.  Shop Holiday Deals

Chewy like many other sites offers holiday deals, and they do not disappoint. They offer up 40% on Easter deals for cat toys and 30% on dog toys. These deals come around with different holidays so make sure to be on the lookout for them when new holidays pop up.

11. Use their 24/7 Customer Service

Despite being a completely online company Chewy has exceptional customer service. Not only do they have 24/7 live chats on their website they also offer a phone service line to be called at any time. Chewy is on top of their customer service and if you have an issue they will always work with you to try and resolve it.

12. Set Favorites

When making a Chewy account there are going to be products you and your pets really enjoy. If you do love a product you can set it as a favorite so you can easily order it again. This applies to any kind of pet food or even your pet’s favorite toy that they always destroy.

13. Shop by Brand

When shopping on Chewy there are plenty of ways to sort what you are looking for. One of the best ways is shopping by brand. Here you can sort through numerous companies by name in alphabetical order. This makes it easy to find your favorite brands and shop their products.

Chewy FAQs

How long does it take to get my order?

Expect to receive your food and supplies within 1 to 3 days. Orders that require prescription approval or personalization will take longer to ship.

How will I get charged?

You will be automatically charged when the order is shipped. Once you place your order you will see a pending charge. This will 24 to 48 hours after your order ships.

How do I apply a promotion code?

It is super quick and easy to apply a promo code. When you checkout, enter the code in the code box labeled promo code. All promotion codes can only be used once. Check Chewy’s terms and conditions found on the email or mailer you received.

Do they accept manufacturer coupons?

Yes, they accept manufacturer coupons. Mail your coupon to:

Attn: Chewy Coupons
3251 Hollywood Blvd., Ste. 401
Hollywood, FL 33021

Include the original coupon, your email address, and your recent order number so the customer service team can process the discount. Expired, copied, scanned, emailed, competitor, or rebate coupons are not excepted.

How do I reschedule or delay my Autoship?

Go to Manage Autoship and click on the Autoship you would like to change. To delay your order, click “Skip Shipment.”  You can also place your order early by selecting the order now button. 

To change how often your Autoship arrives go to the frequency section and select your preferred time. To change the date of your next order, go to the new order section and select change. You can change your order date up to 48 hours before your next scheduled order.

What is the Connect with a Vet feature?

Connect with a Vet is a feature that allows you to connect conveniently with licensed veterinarians and get answers to your pet’s health and behavior-related questions or concerns. Each session is free to Autoship customers in certain states.

Final Thoughts

Whether you have a dog, cat, reptile, or horse, Chewy.com has everything you could ask for and more. With more than 2,000 brands to choose from and 24/7 customer service, you are bound to get the biggest bang for your buck. Whether it is food, medication, or toys, Chewy has it all and at a reasonable price.

Take advantage of the free shipping and opt to order products in bulk. This will save you a lot of money in the long run. If you have a product you love and want to keep purchasing, make sure to Autoship it straight to your doorstep.

Olivia Kelliher is an experienced writer and a koopy.com contributor from Boston, MA who enjoys writing about a variety of topics such as health and wellbeing, fashion, and marketing. In her down time, Olivia loves to hang out with her dogs, go swimming, and take pictures on her camera.

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