18 Ways to Enjoy Chuck E. Cheese and Save Money

Since 1977, Chuck E. Cheese has been one of the best places to take kids for birthday parties or just a few hours of fun. But, fear not – this is no longer the musty, worn-out place it used to be with creepy animatronics. 

Chuck E. Cheese has upgraded everything from Chuck E. (who looks a lot cooler now), to ways to enjoy their pizza and games, to the discounts you can score. Their birthday parties have gotten easier, too. No more tokens make it a less stressful experience, and more fun for everyone!

Let’s face it, keeping kids entertained can be hard sometimes, and you don’t want to break the bank to do it. Even just going to the movies can get expensive. A few hours of fun shouldn’t hurt your wallet!

But, if you take a few minutes to see what kinds of deals are out there, you may be surprised at how much money you can save. Chuck E. Cheese has a lot to offer!

Whether it’s planning for a kid’s birthday party or looking to get your kids out of the house for an hour or two, check out all of the ways you can save at Chuck E. Cheese!

1. Visit in the Winter for All You Can Play Weekdays

Chuck E. Cheese has seasonal promotions, and in the winter months, they have the “Winter Winner-Land” to get kids in the door before and after the holiday season. Take advantage of this while your kids are out of school!

You can get All You Can Play games for $17.99 Monday through Friday. Make sure to check out this and other promotions going on in your area during the winter holiday months for more savings at Chuck E. Cheese!

2. Purchase a Gift Card to Receive a Bonus Gift Card

If you know you’re going to be spending some time in the upcoming months at Chuck E. Cheese, why not buy a gift card to use during that visit? When you purchase a $50 gift card, you will receive a $10 bonus card. That’s 20% more for free!

They may have these promotions going on throughout the year, but keep on the lookout for ways to purchase gift cards in advance before your visit to save more money!

3. Order Pizza on Two For Tuesdays

Part of the Chuck E. Cheese experience is their pizza (and show, of course) right before playing games. If you mention “Two for Tuesday” when you order, you can get two large, 1-topping pizzas for around $22 (plus tax). Saving money on food also counts towards stretching those dollars!

4. Walk Over to All You Can Play Wednesday

Just like with their winter promotion, Chuck E. Cheese also has an All You Can Play Wednesday, where you can actually get one hour of unlimited play for $17.99 (but prices may vary at your location). 

Even if you don’t have a lot to spend, you can get your kid in the door for an hour of fun for them to tire themselves out running from game to game. Make sure to mention “All You Can Play” when you make your purchase to receive the discount.

5. Ask for the Military Discount

If you are a member of the armed forces, take advantage of the Military Discount at Chuck E. Cheese! You have two options to choose from when asking for your military discount, and make sure you bring proof of service.

The Alpha offers one large 1-topping pizza, 4 drinks, and 45 play points for $33.99 (prices may vary at your location). The Bravo offers two large 1-topping pizzas, 4 drinks, and 100 play points for $57.49 (prices may vary).

These are two great ways to save at Chuck E. Cheese if you’re on a limited budget.

6. Bring Awards and Rewards on your Next Visit

You can actually get rewarded for your kids doing great things! When you download an activity sheet and your kid fills it out for things like sports or being a super student, they can bring it back for 10 free play points on their next visit!

For small kids, they also offer a coloring sheet discount for 5 free play points. These are FREE ways to save on your next visit to Chuck E. Cheese!

7. Buy a Combo for 10% off Any Games Package

If you know you’re going to be visiting Chuck E. Cheese during lunch or dinner time, make sure to take advantage of their Every Day Games Savings! When you buy a food and beverage combo, you will receive 10% off any game package. Every little bit helps!

8. Have a Birthday Party with the Super Fun Birthday Party Package

If you’re looking to save money at Chuck E. Cheese, consider the Super Fun Birthday Package. While prices vary per location, this package is significantly cheaper per kid when compared to the Mega Fun or Ultimate Fun Package. Your kid can still have a great party!

Even with the Super Fun Birthday Package, each kid gets 45 play points, 2 slices of pizza (with unlimited soda), and ice cream. And, the birthday kid gets time in the ticket blaster, the entertainment Chuck E. is known for, and 1,000 bonus e-tickets.

Bonus points for you if grandparents give the birthday kid more play points for their birthday! And, you don’t have to clean up afterward! This is a great way to save your sanity and your wallet.

9. Book a Birthday Party Online for 20 Bonus Play Points

Not only is the birthday party guaranteed to be a blast, but you can book your party online in just a few minutes and get 20 bonus play points for free! The days of stressing yourself senseless over birthday parties are over, my friend! 

10. Host a Birthday Party in the Earliest Time Slot

There are “off peak” hours when you can host a party that actually gets you 100 free bonus play points (which, in turn, can save you money!). The good news is, the kids still get to hang out, celebrate their party, and it may even be less crowded.

Check with your local store, but by hosting your party on Friday, at 10:00 a.m. on Saturday, or at 11:00 a.m. on Sunday gets free points. Pair this with points from booking online and bam! You’ve got 120 points just like that.

11. Check for Chuck E. Cheese Coupons

They may be a little hidden, but make sure you check out the coupons section before stepping out for a visit to Chuck E. Cheese! You may find coupons for 2 large pizzas with 4 drinks for $44 or 2 hour-long Play Cards for $47. 

If you’re looking to get your kid out of the house or celebrate something fun, see if a coupon can help you save money before your visit! Make sure to use them fast – coupons expire!

12. Creatively Book a Group Event Instead of a Birthday Party

If you would love for your kid to celebrate with their peers but still find the birthday party to be too much for your wallet, consider booking a group event instead, and take the soccer team out or your kid’s church youth group.

For an hour event, prices start at $13 per kid (although prices vary per location), and each kid gets 2 slices of pizza, free refills, a goody bag, two hours of table space, and e-tickets to be used on a future visit.

Keep in mind that if it’s perceived to be a birthday party, Chuck E. Cheese reserves the right to increase the price to match birthday party packages. Plan it well, and your kid gets to have a good time with friends, which is pretty much all they care about, right?

13. Download the Chuck E. Cheese App to Save More

I told you Chuck E. Cheese has come a long way since tokens and tickets! When you download the app and create an account, you get 500 free e-tickets immediately, and after a year, get 250 more for your account anniversary.

Not only do you get e-tickets instantly, you can also start earning rewards points. For every $1 spent, you get 1 point. When those accumulate, you can redeem your rewards for e-tickets, pizza, play points, and more.

Downloading the app for android or apple can save you money by keeping track of the dollars you spend and giving you gifts in return!

14. Refer a Friend for a Free Personal Pizza

We love free things, don’t we?! When you refer a friend, and they sign up for an account, you get a free personal pizza. You can then get that pizza as a to-go order, and essentially get dinner for free, without really stepping foot inside.

15. Look for Seasonal Promotions like Winter Winner-Land

Chuck E. Cheese wants to keep people coming in all year long, and they’ve put together some pretty cool packages that can save you money (when compared to other similar outings). 

The Winter Winner-Land Family Fun Pack offers 2 large pizzas, a warm winter cookie, a goody bag, an activity sheet, and 250 e-tickets for your next visit – all for $40. Dinner, fun, and tickets for future play, and at a price that keeps you satisfied for an evening well spent.

If you can pair this with a gift card already in your wallet, or an All You Can Play Wednesday, that sounds like a pretty good deal to me.

16. Have the Birthday Party at Home

Chuck E. Cheese recognizes that sometimes people just want to spend a birthday at home and visit for games later. Take a look at the Party Pack to see if this is a good option for you!

For just $60 (prices vary), you can get 2 large pizzas, a cake, 3 goody bags, 3 cotton candy bags, 1000 e-tickets, 30 points play pass card for your next visit, and a small plush toy. And, you can even get it delivered to your doorstep so you don’t have to leave the house.

You can have the party at home, then at a later date take your kid out with the team for a group event! There really are ways to have fun and not break the bank at Chuck E. Cheese!

17. Follow Chuck E. Cheese on Facebook

What only takes two seconds of your day and has the potential to save you money? Following Chuck E. Cheese on Facebook! You may come across sweepstakes and other promotions that can save you more money and really make the playtime count. 

18. Sign Up for a Summer Fun Pass to Save Up to 40% off

Ah, yes, Summer…when kids are home for weeks bored out of their minds. If you really want to save money at Chuck E. Cheese, consider a Summer Fun Pass where you can save up to 40% on games, food, and drinks!

Depending on whether you get the Fun Pass, Funner Pass, or Funnest Pass, you can also get up to 6 hours of free game play and 2000 e-tickets. You can also get a birthday party discount, and bring a friend for $1 for 30 minutes of game play.

If you know the kids need to be entertained for a few weeks, you don’t want to miss the Summer Fun Pass!

FAQs on How to Save at Chuck E. Cheese

How Can I Save Money at Chuck E. Cheese?

There are numerous ways to save at Chuck E. Cheese if you play your cards right! Checking for coupons, or downloading the app are great ways to get deals.

How Can I Save on a Birthday Party at Chuck E. Cheese?

By booking the earliest time spot on Saturday or Sunday for a party, or by booking on a Friday, you can get play points (which in turn can save on how many you buy for your kid). Also, consider the Super Fun package which is significantly cheaper per kid.

Can you go to Chuck E. Cheese without eating?

Yes! You can absolutely attend a Chuck E. Cheese without buying anything from the restaurant. This is actually another great way to save money, especially if you go on All You Can Play Wednesday.

Does Chuck E. Cheese Deliver?

Most locations offer delivery for their food items, and even the Party Package for those birthdays you’d rather spend at home. Make sure to check the coupon section first before ordering!

Save Money at Chuck E. Cheese

It’s almost overwhelming when you look at how many ways to save money while still enjoying the entertainment Chuck E. Cheese has to offer. It’s a fun place to make so many memories with friends and family, and it just feels better when you spend a little less.

Don’t forget to sign up for the app, keep your eyes open for seasonal promotions like the Winter Winner-Land and Summer Fun Pass, and book your birthday parties early in the day to save the most at Chuck E. Cheese.

Leslie Roberts is an experienced writer, Salesforce consultant, and koopy.com contributor from North Carolina who enjoys writing about a variety of topics and hates overpaying for things. She also loves traveling, spending lots of time outdoors, and reading.

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