22 Costco Membership Benefits You Didn’t Know Existed

If you don’t belong to Costco yet, you probably have Costco-envy. Members seem to gush about everything they get out of their membership, but what if you don’t need 150 rolls of toilet paper at a time or 10 pounds of ground beef in your freezer?

Is a membership worth it? Is $60 a year really going to pay off?

We think so, and it’s not for their amazing $1.50 food court hot dog either, although it’s quite tasty and an amazing deal. 

We love Costco for its amazing membership benefits that go beyond buying produce, kids’ snacks, and toothbrushes in bulk. You’ll be surprised to see how many areas of your life Costco can make simpler (and cheaper). 

Check out all the reasons we think everyone should have a Costco membership today.

1. Discounted gift cards

Yes, we buy them for ourselves, but don’t tell anyone.

If you could get a gift card to a restaurant you frequent, but at a discount, wouldn’t you do it too? For example, you could get two $50 gift cards for $79.99 to a local restaurant chain. That’s a $20 savings before you even head over there. Combine it with a restaurant coupon and you just scored yourself a heck of a deal.

Even if you don’t have coupons, the discounted gift cards are great for yourself and gifts. Most gift card packages come with 2 gift cards – split it up into two gifts and you’re all set.

2. Get a good deal on a mortgage

Buying a house or refinancing your current mortgage is overwhelming. Finding deals, handling brokers, and crunching numbers is overwhelming. The Mortgage Program for Costco Members with CrossCountry Mortgage offers a streamlined mortgage process helping Costco members get great deals on their mortgage as well as plenty of support.

3. Save money on gas

Costco gas stations often have the lowest gas prices around. If you live near a Costco, you could save a significant amount of money throughout the year, especially if you fill up twice a week.

Even if you don’t have a Costco super close, if you fill up each time you shop there, you’ll still enjoy some savings, making your membership worth it.

4. Amazing birthday cakes at great prices

Sheet cakes at a bakery can cost a pretty penny. Costco’s sheet cakes are under $20 and are delicious. People rave about the delicious cake that costs a fraction of what traditional bakeries cost and you can have it decorated how you want too.

5. Plan your next vacation

If you’re tired of overpaying for vacations, use Costco’s travel benefits. Meant exclusively for Costco members, get your hands on the latest travel deals whether you’re traveling to Disney, taking a cruise, or want an all-inclusive deal in the Caribbean.

Just like their merchandise, Costco’s travel services are top-notch, provided by trained travel agents, but who work exclusively for Costco.

On top of the lower prices, Costco sometimes offers incentives, like a $100 or $200 Costco Cash Card for specific travel destinations. Check out the deals they offer and plan your next trip. 

6. Save on rental cars

Use Costco’s low price finder to get the best deal on a rental car. With no cancellation fees, no payment until you get the car, and the additional driver fee waived, you could save a significant amount of money on your rental car.

7. Get Costco deals in-store and online

Costco’s members get Costco’s amazing prices both in-store and online. If you aren’t a Costco member, you can shop online, but you pay a 5% surcharge. You also don’t have access to all Costco products, as many products are reserved for Costco members only.

8. Cancel your membership at any time

Costco is all about customer satisfaction. You can return products any time (except for a few products) and you can even return your membership. If you decide it’s not what you thought it was or you don’t get enough out of it, you can cancel your membership and get a full refund. 

9. Save money on your prescriptions

Costco offers low prices on its prescriptions, which you can fill in-store or by mail order. Browse Costco’s Drug Directory to see if they fill your prescription and start saving on your medications. 

10. Take advantage of the Costco Auto Program

The Costco Auto Program makes buying a car, truck, or RV fun. Just like their in-store services, expect the Auto Program to roll out the red carpet, making car shopping easier than ever. Buy new or used vehicles or RVs. You can even get auto parts at a 15 percent discount.

11. Get great deals on photos and photo gifts

Costco has the largest selection of photos and photo gifts at a fraction of the regular retail price. Photo blankets, calendars, large prints, and holiday cards are just a few of the amazing products they offer. They even have a home video transfer service, transferring VHS tapes to DVD for safekeeping.

12. Save on eyewear

If you wear glasses or contacts, price out your options at Costco. They carry a large selection of name-brand frames and plenty of the top contact lens options at a fraction of the price you’d find at LensCrafters or Pearle Vision. 

If you wear contacts, you may even pay lower prices per box than you would online, where the prices are already discounted. 

13. Get cheap ink refills

If you’re going broke buying ink cartridges for your printer, save them and bring them over to Costco. They’ll refill the ink for as much as 60% less than the cost of buying new. Not only do you save money, but you do your part to save the environment too. 

14. Get free hearing tests

Costco’s members get free hearing tests and get great deals on hearing aids if you need them. If you buy your hearing aids from Costco, you get free cleanings and checkups. They also offer warranties, and coverage for loss or damage. 

15. Get cheap checks

Even though we don’t write them as often, everyone carries a checkbook. Why overpay for something you barely use, right? Costco offers discounted check services, and they have some great options for both individuals and businesses. Costco saves members 50% off the traditional check prices banks charge. 

16. Get free tech support

Buy your electronics from Costco and get free technical support. Products include televisions, computers, laptops, camcorders, and more. Just call Costco Concierge Services for support at 1-866-861-0450.

17. Get health insurance

Costco doesn’t sell the insurance directly, but they partner with the CBC Health Insurance Marketplace and offer health insurance for small and large businesses, as well as individuals. 

18. Get cheap dental insurance

Costco partnered with Delta Dental to provide members with affordable dental insurance. They offer plans with premiums starting at just $89 a year and that covers all services from preventative to restoration. They have set co-payments so you always know your cost, making dental care affordable once again. 

19. Get home or auto insurance

Save on your home and auto insurance using your Costco membership. Costco claims the average member saves $615 in the first year they switch to CONNECT, by American Family

20. Go to the movies for cheap

If the movie theaters in your area opened back up, you probably can’t wait to get back. Don’t go back to paying full price though. Check out Costco’s selection of discounted movie ticket packs sold in sets of 4 or 10. They never expire and will leave more money in your pocket for popcorn and candy.

21. Get cheaper life insurance

No one likes thinking about dying, but we must prepare for the unknown. Costco partnered with Protective to provide affordable life insurance policies for its members. Costco’s members save around 15% on their life insurance versus individual policies. 

22. Get affordable identity theft protection

Get peace of mind with Costco’s identity theft protection services (partnered with Experian). Credit monitoring and identity restoration services are just the start of what they offer, of course at incredible savings. 

Use your Costco Membership for all It’s Worth

Costco’s memberships are worth so much more than just bulk savings on food and household goods. Use your membership to save in all areas of your life from necessary insurance to savings on entertainment and more.

Check out the Costco website and all the services available in your area. Just enter your zip code on the service pages that interest you to see what’s available in your area as each area differs.

Kim Pinnelli is a personal finance freelance writer and koopy.com contributor. She lives in the Chicago suburbs, writing from home for the last 13 years. Kim enjoys helping people understand personal finances and writes on topics about saving money, investing, planning for retirement, and ways to increase income. In her free time, Kim enjoys hanging out with her 3 children, reading, crocheting, and spending time outdoors.

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