18 Savings Hacks to Treat Your Home with Crate & Barrel

Crate & Barrel.

Sigh. It’s not just a store. It’s where you curate a lifestyle and build a home that truly becomes a sanctuary. Whether you’re looking for furniture, décor, bedding, or more, you know that Crate & Barrel delivers on quality and sophistication.

Unfortunately, stocking your home with Crate & Barrel merchandise is no small expense. There’s no question that you get what you pay for, but your wallet could definitely take a hit or two without knowing some saving hacks.

That’s where we come in! We’ve searched and researched to find you the very best ways to save at Crate & Barrel. You don’t have to sacrifice quality for price with these tips!

Read on and start saving!

1. Want to save 10% right off the bat? Sign up for texts.

The second you hit up Crate & Barrel’s home page, they give you an opportunity to sign up for texts and save 10% off your purchases. Enter in your cell number, wait for a heartbeat, and BOOM – you get a text message requesting confirmation. This is quickly followed by … a welcome message and a promo code for 10% off!

I signed up toward the end of May 2021 and my promo code is good through 12/31/2021! So no pressure to use it right away – take your time finding the perfect purchase!

Crate & Barrel will periodically send you texts alerting you to special deals and promos, so you don’t want to miss out! 

2. Sign up for emails, too.

Be among the first to know about deals and special offers. Scroll to the bottom of the page, you’ll see a chance to sign up for emails. Simply enter your email address and wait for the savings to slip into your inbox!

3. Check out the sales online!

Crate & Barrel has amazing sales and clearance items! Check out the “Sale” dropdown on their homepage to see what’s available. Get ready:

• First, the overall “SALE” heading. Crate and Barrel recently had 20% of Humanscale items and 10% off some Simmons mattresses.

• Then you’ll see “ALL FREE SHIPPING.” But this one deserves a little more discussion, so more about that in a minute!

• Limited Time Offers. Do you like Le Creuset cookware? There was a recent sale on that, along with some other loved brands. In the market for bakeware or cutlery? They had that, too! But we all know what “Limited Time” means, so check often and snag those deals as often as you can!

• Then – “Clearance and Outlet.” One of my favorite things! It’s organized according to category, or click “All Clearance” at the bottom to see everything.

PRO TIP: select the button to receive promotional information from Crate & Barrel Kids, too!

4. Check out the items with FREE SHIPPING!

Somewhere between the “Sale” and the “Clearance and Outlet” selections, you’ll see those two magic words: “FREE SHIPPING.”

Click that, and you’ll be treated to a view of every single item you can buy that will ship for FREE. Choose from every category under the sun: Kitchen, Bedding, Table Linens, and more!

5. Visit their “Coupons, Discounts, and Promo Codes” page.

You can scour all over the internet in hopes of finding a working promo code or coupon, OR you can just visit the Crate & Barrel promo code page, where everything is already laid out for you.

I will say that a recent check showed no coupons, but we hope that will change soon. In the meantime, there is a link to their limited-time offers and other deals!  

6. Take advantage of seasonal (and after-season) sales!

Crate & Barrel will have various sales and promotions throughout the year, but don’t sleep on their annual sales – for example, keep on the lookout for their Annual Outdoor Sale at the end of each February, and the Annual Upholstery Sale during August and September.

However, my favorite would have the be the Wine & Dine Sale (how fun does THAT sound?!) that happens before Christmas AND in the spring!

Don’t miss end-of-season steals either – for example, they held a “Big Winter Clearance Event” after Christmas in 2020. Keep an eye out for these kinds of sales in the future – we’d be surprised if they didn’t happen again!

7. BONUS TIP – score double Rewards Dollars!

Whether you’ve chosen sales, clearance, or free shipping to start your hunt for the perfect item, look underneath the item’s price – you may see an offer for DOUBLE THE REWARDS DOLLARS! Grab an amazing item on sale/free shipping and ALSO DOUBLE the rewards? Yes, please! 

8. Get Rewards with the Crate & Barrel credit card!

When you grab a Crate & Barrel credit card, you qualify to earn Rewards Dollars! For every $200 you spend at Crate & Barrel and their sister brands (more on that soon), they’ll reward you with $20 in Rewards Dollars!

OR: Love Rewards Dollars but have your eye on a bigger purchase? If so, you can swap the Rewards Dollar opportunity in exchange for special financing terms instead! If your purchase is at least $749, take advantage of 6 months’ worth of special financing!

BONUS: Look to sign up during a holiday for extra savings. People who took advantage of the most recent Memorial Day deal snagged a whopping 20% percent in Rewards Dollars for a 5-day timeframe around the Holiday, doubling their haul!

9. Enjoy other credit card benefits!

The Crate & Barrel credit card gets you your special financing or Rewards Dollars, AND no annual fee. You also get exclusive access to events, offers, and other perks as a cardholder. Grab the deals no one else will get!

If you get the Crate & Barrel Mastercard, the benefits multiply! Take advantage of:

• 2% back in Rewards Dollars on purchases from grocery stores.

• 1% back in Rewards Dollars anywhere else Mastercard is accepted.

• Grab some Mastercard member benefits while you’re at it!

10. Shop their Sister Brands and get Rewards Dollars.

Like Crate & Barrel? Please meet Crate & kids and CB2. Crate & kids is perfect if you’re shopping for some little ones, and you can think of CB2 as more budget-conscious and a little more modern in terms of style than its parent brand.

We mention these two because 1) they’re awesome too and 2) You can use our Crate & Barrel credit card both places to accumulate those Rewards Dollars!

11. Do a Crate & kids referral to save you AND a friend some cash!

We came across this in our research and even though we’re talking about Crate & Barrel, this Crate & kids referral program was too awesome not to mention. Here’s how it works:

• Enter in your name, number, and email.

• You can send an offer for 15% off to a friend, either via email or a link.

• When they make a purchase, you get $20!

• Boom!

Pro Tip: search for some things for yourself while you’re at it. Who says kids have all the fun?!

12. Wedding Registries: A Beautiful (and Money-Saving) Experience.

Are you lucky enough to be marrying Your Person? Congratulations! Crate & Barrel is thrilled to celebrate you with a custom wedding registry designed to meet your unique needs – AND give you a discount to boot!

This is not just a registry my friends; this is an Experience. Design experts and registry experts will guide you through creating your custom registry, and you’ll also be treated to a private registry morning (just RSVP)!

So that sounds great, but you’re probably wondering when the “discount” part comes.

Well, Crate and Barrel will give you a 15% discount on your registry for three months after you tie the knot!

AND. It’s not limited to your registry, folks. This 15% applies to any. Item. In. The. Store. And you can use your discount as many times as you like within the three-month period!

(You’re welcome).

13. Take advantage of all the FREE design services!

Have a certain “vibe” in your head for your home, but can’t quite pull the look together on your own? Call on the Crate & Barrel design experts to help you bring your vision to life. There are so many options to choose from!

• Set up a consultation! Meet with a designer virtually or schedule an appointment at your local store.

• Send a quick email to a skilled designer if you only have a quick question.

• Go solo and create your own Mood Board, pulling your favorite pieces together to create a look that speaks to you.

No matter which service fits your needs, you can count on Crate & Barrel to be there each step of the way, whenever you need them!

14. Snag a Crate & Barrel gift card at a discount.

No matter what you decide to purchase, consider using a discounted gift card to snag even more savings. There are several sites on the internet that sell discounted cards for different retailers, all for a percentage off the face value. And that includes Crate & Barrel!

It doesn’t take long – a quick internet search will show you tons of sites! A couple of quick ones are:

Raise.com – they had one for $70 on sale for $67.61 – that’s a savings of 3.4%.

CardCash – they recently had a $25 eGift card to Crate & Barrel for $23.30 – that’s 6.8% off the face value.

• Even eBay came up in a search! Recently there was a card for $86.59 available, and the seller had started the bidding at $67. I think eBay will most likely be hit-and-miss, but it never hurts to check out every possibility!

15. Check Ibotta and similar apps for cash back on gift cards.

Recently Ibotta, the much-loved money-saving app, had an offer for 4% cash back if a Crate and Barrel gift card was purchased through them. That adds up over time and could be a great option if you’re unsure about using the other sites listed above.

Ibotta is available for Google Play and Apple! 

16. Give their social media accounts a follow.

Aside from all of the lovely pictures and design inspiration, Crate & Barrel’s social media accounts will let you know about giveaways! One recent post on Instagram offered a chance to win a $1000 gift card. Think of everything you could buy with that (especially using all of these tips)! Check out Facebook and Twitter, too.

17. Check for prices on competing items to get a price match.

Crate & Barrel will adjust the price of your item if you find an identical one for a lower price, but there are several conditions to meet. These are just a few of them:

• The lower-priced item can only be from certain competitors.

• The lower price must be valid and current, and you need an ad or web address to verify.

• This one is important: they will only offer price adjustments ONLY on the day you purchase this item.

There are some other conditions too, so be prepared when you ask for a price match. They will do it, but I personally feel like it’d only be worth it if you were happening to shop and Crate & Barrel and looked up competitors while waiting in line.

18. Outlet stores!

Wanting Crate & Barrel quality at a lower price from the start? Check out their outlet stores! Their outlet stores feature high-quality items for those on a budget. Their inventory varies and is continually changing, so if you live close to one, make sure to check it out and see what you can find!

FAQs for Crate & Barrel

How much is shipping for the non-free shipping items?

The short answer is – it depends. Can you wait 3-5 business days, or do you need it sooner? How much was your total order? The shipping price depends on that, too. Depends on if you live outside the mainland United States as well.

There are different charges for freight delivery, and different costs depending on basic delivery, in-home delivery, and the distance from the shipping point to your home.

All this to say, there’s no short answer, but Crate & Barrel does lay out all of the different scenarios pretty well so you’ll have an idea of your order’s shipping price.

Are the Crate & Barrel prices worth it?

Again, my personal opinion is – it depends. What are you wanting? Are you looking to invest in timeless furniture or glassware? If so, I would definitely say it’s worth it.

Are you just needing a regular old can opener? Maybe hit up another place for that if you find a cheaper price.

Or coffeemakers? Are you wanting a specialty machine for espressos, etc., or just want to chug several cups of coffee in the morning? Let your motivation be your guide.

I’m a big believer in investing in quality items you plan to have for years when it makes sense. Otherwise? Go for the more inexpensive version – it’ll help you save money for the nicer things you really want.

Final Thoughts

So there you have it. If you love Crate & Barrel and love saving money, you came to the right place. And now that you’ve learned these savings tips, you’re ready to shop online or in-store and select the perfect items for you!

Whether you’re looking to redo your living room or just want that perfect lamp, Crate & Barrel will have what you need, and you can use these tips to get them for less.

Happy shopping!

Emma Denner is a koopy.com contributor and blogger in the Midwest. She loves writing, watching true crime shows, and drinking Diet Coke. When she’s not doing those things, she’s spending time with her husband and obsessing over her dog, Sadie.

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