10 Quick and Easy Giant Savings Tips

With inflation at its highest right now, it’s important to know how to save in every area of your life, especially areas where we spend the most money, like the grocery store. Luckily, stores like Giant make it easy to save on groceries.

Here are some top ways to get the food your family needs without paying more than you want at the checkout.

1. Buy a GiantPass

If you like to have your groceries delivered to you, join GiantPass. For a monthly fee (you can buy a 6 or 12-month pass), you get free deliveries as often as you want during the month. Every order over $30 is free.

The pass auto-renews, so make sure you cancel before it renews if you don’t want to continue, but for $12.95 a month, you can get groceries delivered all month long. Without GiantPass, one delivery starts at $9.99.

2. Clip Digital Coupons

Giant makes it easy to find coupons for your favorite products right on their site. All you have to do is register for a Giant account and then you can clip digital coupons, saving them directly to your account. 

With the coupons loaded to your account, they are automatically applied to your purchase when you present your Giant card in-store. You don’t have to worry about leaving coupons at home or taking the time to comb through the Sunday paper.

You can even comb through the coupons on the Giant website while you’re in the store. If you don’t have time to clip coupons at home, clip them as you go and save money at checkout.

3. Join Flexible Choice Rewards

Join Giant Flexible Rewards and earn points for every purchase you make. You can then convert your points to dollars off your grocery bill or cents off each gallon of gas at Giant or Shell stations.

When you join Giant Flexible Rewards, you automatically earn 300 points which are equal to $3 off your grocery purchase or $0.30 off each gallon of gas. You’ll also have access to special deals and free gifts.  

You choose how you use your rewards. You can let them add up or use them as you earn them. At the register, you choose to use or decline to use your rewards each time, so you are in charge.

4. Shop the Weekly Ad

The sales at Giant change weekly, so always shop the ad. You can combine sales with coupons or just shop the great sales. Plan your meals around the food that’s on sale each week and you’ll lower your grocery bill without sacrificing.

Sales are also a great time to stock up on favorites. Since the sales cycle comes back every so often, if you stock up enough, you’ll only pay the sales price for your favorite products. Pay attention to Giant’s sales cycles, notice how often your most-used products go on sale, and plan accordingly so you’re always paying lower prices.

Use the sale items as an excuse to try new things too. Make it a weekly tradition that you each try one new food or a new recipe. You never know when you’ll find new things everyone likes!

5. Clip Manufacturer Coupons

Giant takes manufacturer’s coupons so you can clip them from the paper or coupon sites and present them to the cashier. Just make sure the coupons aren’t expired and they are for the exact product you purchase.

You can stack one store coupon and one manufacturer coupon for the same product. You cannot, however, stack two manufacturer or two store coupons. If the value of the combined coupons exceeds the product’s price, you get it for free.

6. Take Advantage of Double Coupons

If you have a Giant card, you may be able to double your manufacturer coupons. You can only double the first coupon if you have multiple coupons for the same item, but even doubling a couple of coupons can save you some extra money.

The only coupons they don’t double are digital coupons or store paper coupons. You don’t have to wait for specific days to double coupons either. However, occasionally, they run opportunities to triple coupons. You never want to miss those sales!

7. Use Free Manufacturer Coupons with a B1G1 Sale

You can score free products by using a coupon for a free product on a buy one get one free sale. Your coupon will be good on the item you are paying for (making it free) and your free product is still free, which means you’ll pay nothing for both items.

You can also use this technique on buy one get one 50% off sales. Your coupon will lower the price of the second product, making it close to free.

8. Buy Generic Products

Don’t get stuck on buying name brand products. If you can’t find the brands you usually buy on sale, try generic products. Oftentimes they are made in the same place, they just have a different label.

Try a few new (less expensive) brands each week and see what your family likes. You never know when you’ll find products they like and that can save you money each week. If you aren’t ready to try generic products, consider trying different brands, buying the products you can get on sale or use coupons (double is even better) to save more money. 

9. Use Competitor Coupons

Giant accepts coupons from its competitors except for wholesale clubs. If you have a coupon for another store for an item Giant sells, go ahead and use it. Just make sure they sell the same brand and size that’s named in the coupon and that it’s not expired.

You can increase your savings by doubling the coupon with a sale. Giant allows you to use coupons on most sale items, helping to reduce your prices even more.

10. Refer a Friend

Giant pays you (and your friend) if you refer them to shop at Giant. Just enter your email here and you’ll receive a unique link. If your friend uses your link, they’ll save $25 off a $100 order and free pickup or delivery for 60 days.

When your friend uses your link and places an order, you’ll receive $25 off your next $100 order.

It’s easy to share your code on social media, email, or text. Share your excitement about shopping at Giant with friends and family and you all save.

Giant FAQs

Does Giant double coupons?

Yes, Giant doubles manufacturer coupons that aren’t expired. You can only double one coupon for each item. But you can use a store coupon and manufacturer coupon on the same item, doubling the manufacturer’s coupon and using the store coupon to bring the price down even further.

If doubling the coupon exceeds the product’s price, the coupon’s value is equal to the product’s retail price.

Does Giant accept internet coupons?

Yes, Giant accepts internet coupons, but they cannot exceed $5. The coupon must be clear, including the expiration date, and the cashier must be able to scan the coupon – they cannot manually enter printed coupons. However, Giant does double internet coupons as long as they are determined to be legitimate.

How do you sign up for a Giant card?

You can sign up for a Giant card in the store. You can visit the customer service desk or apply at the register. It takes only a few seconds (the card is free) and you’ll receive your card to use immediately.

You can also apply online. You’ll receive a temporary card that you can use in-store right away and then you’ll receive the ‘real card’ in the mail.

How do you use digital coupons?

You need a Giant card to redeem digital coupons, but the process is simple. Once you have your Giant card (make sure it’s activated), you load the coupons onto your card. At checkout, when you scan your Giant card, it will automatically deduct the clipped coupons.

Keep in mind that if you registered your Giant card in-store, you must use it once to activate it and then wait 24 hours before it’s registered online so you can clip coupons and use them in the store.

Final Thoughts – How to Save Money at Giant

Saving money at the grocery store is important for everyone today. Giant makes it easy to save money, and can even make anyone that never clipped coupons in their life a coupon clipper.

Sign up for a Giant account and clip their coupons at the very least, but it makes sense to join Flexible Rewards too. All you have to do is accept Flexible REwards in your Giant account and you’ll start earning loyalty points that convert to dollars off at the register or cents off every gallon of gas you buy.

The key is to maximize your ways to save at Giant so you spend less on groceries and have more money to spend on the ‘fun stuff’ in life!

Kim Pinnelli is a personal finance freelance writer and koopy.com contributor. She lives in the Chicago suburbs, writing from home for the last 13 years. Kim enjoys helping people understand personal finances and writes on topics about saving money, investing, planning for retirement, and ways to increase income. In her free time, Kim enjoys hanging out with her 3 children, reading, crocheting, and spending time outdoors.

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