Ikea Return Policy – What Must you Know?

You know Ikea for its massive warehouse-style store and its DIY furniture that can challenge even the most patient person.

You know they have amazing furniture, affordable housewares, and even great food in their food court, but what about their return policy?

Is the Ikea return policy as good as their products?

Let’s find out below.

The Ikea Return Policy Overview

Overall, the Ikea return policy is amazing. You get 365 days or an entire year to return something. So those returns that sit in your car for three months before you make it there will still be returnable!

Great news!

Of course, there’s a catch.

The items must be unopened. So if you bought something, got it home, and decided it wouldn’t work, don’t open it. You’ll get a full refund and have an entire 365 days to get back and return it.

Don’t lose your receipt, though. They won’t take the return without it.

Now, what if you open it?

The return policy at Ikea is still flexible. You get 180 days or six months to return the item, just don’t lose your receipt. If you decide you no longer want the item, stick the receipt in the box, so it doesn’t get lost. You won’t have to search for the receipt if you don’t get to Ikea for a few months to return it.

This applies to just about any product. You can even build a product and return it. So hold onto those receipts for at least one year until you decide to keep them.

You’ll receive your refund in the same method you paid. For example, if you paid with your Visa card, you’ll receive your refund on the same Visa card. 

The Exceptions to the Return Policy for Ikea

Like any return policy, there are exceptions you must know.

They never accept returns on plants, fabric cut to size, or custom products. You also cannot return any products you bought labeled as-is. Again, this is because you knew you were getting a damaged or used item and didn’t have the option to return it.

Other exceptions include any products that you modified or that look dirty or damaged. Customer service has the final say regarding whether you could return an item. Make your item look as new as possible before trying to return it for the best results. 

The Ikea Return Policy Without a Receipt

You need a receipt to return items at Ikea. You must also provide your government-issued ID. Ikea will keep your identity information on the computer for the return. This helps them track the number of returns you do to ensure you aren’t abusing the rules.

There isn’t an exception to this rule either. There isn’t an Ikea return policy without a receipt because they won’t take them. So keep your receipts safe until you know you’re keeping the item.

If you lose your receipt, you may be stuck with the item or have to find other ways to sell it, like eBay or Craigslist.

The Ikea Return Policy for Damaged Items

Sometimes items arrived damaged. It’s the risk of doing business, but Ikea always stands behind its products. If you know an item is damaged that you ordered online or the store shipped to you, let them know immediately.

You can head straight to your local Ikea with the item and your proof of purchase. The associates at the store will determine how to resolve the issue best. Sometimes they can issue replacement parts, and other times they give you an entirely new product. You’ll likely get a replacement if you haven’t started building the product.

If you can’t get to the store, call 1-888-888-4532 as soon as possible to report the issue. This includes any missing pieces that you discover when assembling the product. Unfortunately, customers say customer service is hard to get on the phone. So your best bet is to go to the store. Associates can often get you the missing pieces if you’re already halfway through building the product, or they can provide a replacement of the parts missing or damaged, so you don’t have to start over.

They can also advise you on how to proceed if it’s a difficult situation. The team members at Ikea are pretty knowledgeable. 

Ikea Mattress Return Policy – How Does it Work?

The Ikea mattress return policy isn’t as flexible as its regular return policy, but you get 90 days to change your mind. This is one product that doesn’t have to be unopened. You can try the mattress out for 90 days, and if you don’t like it, you can return it.

This is comparable to most other mattress stores, although the 90 days may be shorter than most stores.

This gives you a chance to try to save a bundle by buying an Ikea mattress, but if your back can’t handle it, return it and find the mattress that works.

How to do Returns at Ikea

Whether you bought your item online or in-store, you must return the products in-store. Go to the Returns and Exchanges entrance when you get to your store. If you go into the regular entrance, you must navigate through the entire store.

If you’ve been to Ikea recently, you know this isn’t an easy task, especially if you’re lugging a large piece of furniture.

When you enter the store, signs point you to Returns and Exchanges. They’ll have a sign-up sheet to sign up and wait your turn. The line can get long during popular times, so try to make it there during the week when it’s less crowded.

If you bought a small item, you could send it back via mail.

First, download this form. Next, provide a copy of your receipt in the box and ship it to your nearest Ikea. Finally, address the label to the Ikea Returns Department and find the address of your closest Ikea here.

It can take 7 – 10 days to process your return and receive your payment.

Returning Assembled Furniture at Ikea

It sounds crazy, but you can return the furniture you assembled. However, there’s a catch. You have to bring it back to the store. Ikea used to have a pick-up service that picked up assembled furniture you wanted to return, but since COVID, that service doesn’t exist. 

Ikea won’t ask you any questions – they’ll just refund your money. They’ll then sell the item discounted or ‘as-is’ on the floor. However, they state the item must look unused and be in its best shape.

FAQs – Ikea Return Policy What Else you Must Know

What happens if you miss the 365-day window?

If you don’t return an item within a year of purchasing it, you’re likely out of luck. However, they may make an exception if you’re very close to the expiration date and just missed it due to something outside your control. But, it’s up to each store’s discretion.

What if your item doesn’t fall within the Ikea return policy?

If you want to return something that falls outside the Ikea return policy, it’s up to each store’s discretion on how to proceed. But, of course, you can always bring the item to the store and talk to a manager to see what they say.

Does Ikea cover the shipping cost to return items?

If you ship your small items to Ikea rather than going to the store, you cover the shipping charges. However, it’s worth it for some people because the wait times to return something can be long, especially on the weekends.

Can you return an opened item to Ikea?

Ikea will take any products back unless they are damaged, dirty, or cut to size. So you have six months to return a product you opened and even built. You must bring the item to the store yourself, though, which can be quite a hassle.

Can you return items without a receipt?

Ikea is one store that doesn’t allow returns without a receipt. If you lost your receipt, try getting proof of purchase from your bank or credit card. Then, in the future, take a picture of your receipt and keep it on your phone.

What happens if you had a promotion and you returned a product?

Ikea will deduct the amount of the promotion from your refund. So, for example, if you got a free plant with purchase but return the purchase, they’ll reduce your refund by the value of the plant.

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