What Is ClassPass and Is It Worth It?

Have you ever wished you could just try a class or two at several gyms? You drive by and see a barre class that looks fun, but you don’t know if you’d like it enough to join the gym, or maybe you wanted to try a Bootcamp class at your local big gym.

ClassPass makes it possible to try classes at gyms around the country. You can try new classes, take favorites, or use it to check out other gyms in the area. 

Here’s everything you must know about ClassPass.

What is ClassPass?

If you love trying different gyms but don’t have the money to pay multiple gym memberships, ClassPass may be a good option.

ClassPass offers access to thousands of studios and in-home streaming workouts. You don’t have to belong to one gym – you can visit any gym in the ClassPass network. Depending on the plan you choose, you get monthly credits to use to buy gym time, workout classes, salon appointments, or on-demand classes.

How Does it Work?

ClassPass is a pass to any of the gyms and salons within its network. Use it in your hometown or even while you travel to take new classes or old favorites.

Here are your options.

Find Classes at your Favorite or New Gyms

Whether you have a gym you love to frequent or you find a thrill in checking out different gyms, book your favorite classes in the ClassPass app. Book your spot using your credits and you’re in with no other fees or paperwork.

Beauty and Salon Appointments

Would you rather have a ‘me’ day than work out? Use some of your credits for a massage, nail appointment, or hair appointment. Just book with a salon in the app and you’re all set to pamper yourself.

Digital Classes

Access on-demand and live-stream classes from some of the hottest gyms from around the world. You get access to exclusive workout content all from the comfort of your home.

How to Use ClassPass

It’s easy to use ClassPass. First, you must download the app, which is available on iOS and Android.

Find the Perfect Class

Search for your favorite classes or to try something new. You can search by activity type, credit value, location, and more to find the perfect class. 

Reserve your Spot

Reserve your spot using the app. You’ll pay using your credits, so make sure you have enough credits left for the class you want.

Show up to Class

Once you reserve your spot, show up to class or your appointment and enjoy your time. If you must cancel, it’s recommended that you do so at least 12 hours before your class or appointment. If you have a late cancellation, there may be penalties.

ClassPass Features

ClassPass is a unique way to have access to tens of thousands of studios and salons. You can try different hot spots in your area or around the country all for one fee. Here are some of the features you can enjoy.

Pay with Credits not Money

When you take classes, you pay with your ClassPass credits, not money. The only money you pay is for your monthly ClassPass subscription. 

You choose your monthly plan, each of which has a different credit value. Unused credits rollover from month to month and you can buy more credits during especially active months. 

Change, Cancel, or Freeze at Anytime

You aren’t locked into a contract or commitment. You can cancel the plan at any time so you don’t renew again the next month. You can also change your plan, choose a plan with a higher or lower credit value, or temporarily freeze your account during your busy season when you know you won’t get to the gym.

Classes are Worth Different Values

Every class has a different value. Some are worth much more than others. It depends on the class’s popularity, equipment used, and the overall cost of the gym. For example, you’ll pay more credits for a boutique barre class at your local gym versus a live stream from the large gym down the street. There are also some free options.

14-Day Free Trial

You can try ClassPass free for 14 days, but you must sign up with a credit card. If you don’t like the service, cancel before your 14 days are up and it won’t cost you anything. During the free trial, you’ll have 10 credits to use on up to 3 reservations. 

What’s the Cost?

ClassPass offers several pricing options to make it affordable for everyone while meeting your needs. Each plan offers a different credit value and maximum class attendance per month.

$15 per Month Plan

This plan is for the person who wants to try the plan out or see how regularly he/she will work out. You get 6 credits to book up to 2 classes. It’s a great introductory plan to see if you’ll use it or if you like going to gyms.

$29 per Month Plan

If you like to attend fitness classes approximately once a week, this is a great plan. You get 13 credits and can use them on up to 4 classes.

$49 per Month Plan

If you like to attend at least 2 fitness classes a week, consider the $49 monthly plan. You get 23 credits and can attend up to 8 classes.

$79 per Month Plan

If you’ve tried ClassPass and know there are plenty of classes in the area for you to try or you travel a lot, consider this plan which offers 38 credits you can use up to 14 classes.

$159 per Month Plan

This is the ultimate plan for the person who works out frequently. You can book up to 30 classes with this pass, which means working out almost daily, although some classes cost more than others, so you may get less than 30 classes out of it. 

What’s the ClassPass Cancelation Policy?

ClassPass has a specific cancellation policy you must understand. Always read the fine print before signing up for a class too, since each facility has different requirements.

In general, here are the cancellation policies.

Canceling LiveStream

You can cancel a LiveStream reservation at any time at no charge. You must cancel before the class starts though. If you don’t cancel and don’t show, you forfeit the credits.

Canceling In-Person Classes

You have up until 12 hours before the class starts to cancel at no charge. You’ll receive your credits back and can use them in another class.

If you cancel within the 12-hour limit, you may be charged $10 – $35 for the late cancelation since it takes up someone else’s spot. 

If you miss your reservation (don’t show), you may pay a fee between $15 – $40. In either case of a late cancellation or missed reservation, you’ll get your credits back but may pay a fee.

Pros and Cons of ClassPass


  • You get a lot of variety. You aren’t stuck with the same gym and the same classes. You have tens of thousands of options at your fingertips.
  • You can workout when you travel. Rather than finding a gym within the chain you joined, you can go to any network gym and take classes while traveling.
  • It can be a great add-on if you like variety, but are partial to a particular gym for their equipment or other features.


  • It’s easy to use up credits on only a few classes. If you exercise during peak times or take the most popular classes, you may use up your credits too fast.
  • Some studios cost much more than others (in credits), making the boutique studios you wanted  to try off limits.
  • You don’t get member perks of the gym you’re visiting, which could leave you at the back of class or without available equipment.

ClassPass FAQs

Do you save money with ClassPass?

The ClassPass savings varies by person. If you use only ClassPass to work out, it can save you money since you can try any gym within the network. If you already have a gym membership and use it as an add-on to get access to more classes, though, it could increase your monthly costs.

Can a friend use your ClassPass?

No, ClassPass is only for the person who bought the pass. You can’t transfer it or share it with others. The credits are exclusive to you, but they roll over to the next month if you don’t use them.

How do I cancel my ClassPass account?

Canceling is easy. Log into your account online and go to your account settings. Click ‘Cancel’ or ‘Take a Break.’ Choose the option that works best for you and follow the prompts. There aren’t any annoying sales pitches or hurdles to jump to cancel.

What happens if you miss a class?

Life happens and you may miss a class. Depending on where the class is, you may pay a small fee for missing it, but you’ll always get your credits back. You can retake the class or any other class with the same credits, but your pocketbook maybe a little lighter.

Final Thoughts – Is ClassPass Worth It?

So is ClassPass worth it?

It depends on what you already have, your exercise habits, and how likely you are to go to the classes. If you’re like me and you’d love to try new classes but life is so busy that you never get around to it, ClassPass may not be worth it.

But, if you’re an exercise enthusiast and love the idea of trying new classes at different gyms or mixing and matching, it can be a great way to have your cake and eat it too.

Kim Pinnelli is a personal finance freelance writer and koopy.com contributor. She lives in the Chicago suburbs, writing from home for the last 13 years. Kim enjoys helping people understand personal finances and writes on topics about saving money, investing, planning for retirement, and ways to increase income. In her free time, Kim enjoys hanging out with her 3 children, reading, crocheting, and spending time outdoors.

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