14 Ways to Save Money at KFC

If fried chicken with all the sides is a personal or family favorite, then you probably head to Kentucky Fried Chicken regularly – and why not? It’s a convenient and easy way to feed your family without the hassle and messy clean-up. And for fast food, that type of meal tends to feel more like the homemade variety.

Now we know fast food isn’t terribly expensive, especially when compared to sit-down restaurants, but that doesn’t mean you’re not interested in saving money when you feed your family (or even just you)!

We’ve looked everywhere to find the best savings hacks around to save you cash at one of your favorite chicken places.  Read on for all of our best tips!

1. Follow them on social media

Make sure you give KFC a follow on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to keep abreast (get it?) on the latest happenings. One recent Instagram post offered 6 FREE chicken tenders with an order of at least $20 with Uber Eats. That’s a great way to grab some free food from the comfort of your home! 

2. Check your mailbox!

When you open your mailbox, take a look through the circulars. KFC is known for sending awesome coupons to help you save even more money on food. The coupons and deals vary, but chances are there’ll be several you’ll want to use! It’s a little bit like Christmas! 

BONUS TIP: Do you still grab the old-school newspaper every Sunday? If you don’t, start picking one up each week and go through all the coupons. KFC will still put coupons in there as well! 

3. …AND your inbox!

Want to get the latest offers and the best deals? Sign up for KFC’s email list! At the bottom, you’ll see two checkboxes – one for Term and Conditions, and the other to sign up for promotional emails. Check that last box to make sure you stay up to date on all the deals! 

4. Keep an eye out for free delivery

During March and April of 2020, KFC offered FREE delivery through GrubHub and Seamless. That’s right – order delivery was FREE as long as your order was at least $12. Keep an eye out for free delivery in the future – this is a great way to relax at home and have delicious chicken come straight to you! 

5. Stick to Combo Meals

You’ll stretch your dollars farther by ordering combo meals instead of individual pieces of chicken. Prices will most likely vary by location, but here’s an example: one a la carte breast (just a single chicken breast by itself) is $3.39.

KFC offers a combo meal of TWO chicken breasts, PLUS one wing – then they throw in a side, a drink, and one of their famous biscuits – all for $7.99!

That’s an extra $4.60 for FIVE additional items – with two of those being more of their juicy chicken!  

6. Feed a small crowd with the $20 Fill-Ups

Instead of the other, higher-priced family meals on the menu, you expand the value of the combo meal to your whole family by taking advantage of the $20 Fill-Ups!  Feeding a family can be expensive, but with KFC, it doesn’t have to be. You can feed a hungry brood without breaking the bank with these fill-ups. 

The $20 Fill-Ups are family-size meals consisting of 8 pieces of chicken (there are some options for which kinds of pieces), two large-sized mashed potatoes, and four of their mouth-watering biscuits. That’s a great deal for $20! You can’t beat it! 

7. Buy only the buckets of chicken and supplement your meal with what you already have at home

As much as we love KFC’s mashed potatoes, sometimes we have things at home we’d rather have along with our chicken. When this is the case, KFC still has you covered with their awesome chicken buckets

Again, prices may vary depending upon location, but one option is the 8pc chicken bucket, a steal at $14.99 – that $1.88 per chicken piece (remember how much more the a la carte items cost!). 

But if there’s one thing we’ve learned, it’s that the more you buy, the more you save at KFC. Consider upgrading to a 12-pc bucket instead for $20.99, and get your food for $1.75 per piece. 

Finally – if you go for the 16-pc bucket instead, that will cost you $25.99 – a mere $1.62 per piece of chicken! This is $4 cheaper than getting two of the 8-pc buckets! 

8. Spread your food out over several meals

Want to take advantage of the $20 fill-ups or the savings on larger buckets, but don’t have enough people to go around? Take advantage of those prices and treat yourself to several meals! That 16-pc bucket could feed you and your partner for several days, or you could enjoy the $20 fill-up for dinner one night and lunch the next day. 

9. Take the survey at the bottom of your receipt

Want to help KFC get better and get free or discounted food in the process? Check the bottom of your receipt! You’ll find a survey code. Head over to their survey site and enter that code along with the time listed on your receipt.

Give them your honest feedback, and they’ll give you a validation code! You can redeem that code for whatever the receipt is offering – most likely free or discounted food.

10. Check for a military discount

Are you (or have you been) a member of the armed forces? If so, KFC may have a military discount for you. It may vary by location – check first and have your military ID ready – and you may be able to get a discount! 

11. Check for a senior discount

Many KFC restaurants will offer a discount to senior citizens aged 55 years and older, with ID.

The discount is typically around 5%-10% off purchase, but some may offer other perks, such as a free drink. Be sure to check with your local restaurant to confirm they offer the discount and what it is. 

12. Celebrate National Fried Chicken Day with a free favorite item!

National Fried Chicken Day was July 6th last year (2020), and KFC partnered with Postmates to celebrate! When users ordered at least $15 worth of food from KFC through Postmates, they were rewarded with a free item such as Mac & Cheese or biscuits.  Keep an eye out to see if there are similar deals in the future! 

Who knew National Fried Chicken Day was a thing? Sounds like fun to us! 

13. See if your local restaurant has unique deals

Different restaurants may offer different deals, so check to see if your local KFC restaurant has special values and discounts. One restaurant offers a Chicken Tenders meal for $2.99 on Tuesdays, and a $3.99 chicken fried steak meal on Wednesdays. See what your local restaurant might offer! 

14. Check out the Koopy deals!

We’ve searched for great deals on delicious KFC food and consolidated them in one place for you! Check out the amazing savings and discounts we’ve come across!


Does KFC offer student discounts?

Unfortunately, it does not appear that KFC restaurants in the United States offer student discounts at this time.

Are you looking for student discounts? Check out this dedicated article: The Ultimate Student Discounts Guide: Over 115 College Student Discounts You Need to Try 

Do I get any perks or “rewards points” for using delivery on KFC’s site order.kfc.com?

As of now, KFC’s Frequently Asked Questions site says that perks are not offered – yet. They invite us to keep an eye out for offers in the future, so we may see something in time!

How often will I get promotional emails from KFC? I don’t want to get overrun with emails.

We’re not sure if there is a set schedule for emails or not, but KFC does give you the option to opt out of emails if you decide you no longer want them. (You’ll still get receipts sent to your email).

Does KFC have gift cards?

We looked at all of our usual go-to sites for gift cards, as well as several warehouse clubs and KFC’s site. They either don’t come up in searches or come back as “out of stock.” Also no mention of gift cards on their site, either. Keep an eye out to see if the situation changes, but as for now, it looks like we may be out of luck.

Final Thoughts

So there you have it – saving money while enjoying your Kentucky Fried Chicken favorites is easy! Now that you know these hacks, you’ll be able to score food for just you, or your family. Either way, you’ll get food you enjoy at prices you’ll love!

Whether you’re looking for a meal for yourself or to share with your family, these tips will help you save money and eat well!

What are you waiting for? Chicken sounds good for dinner…

Emma Denner is a koopy.com contributor and blogger in the Midwest. She loves writing, watching true crime shows, and drinking Diet Coke. When she’s not doing those things, she’s spending time with her husband and obsessing over her dog, Sadie.

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