16 Ways LEGO Fans Save Money

Whether it’s the holiday season or an upcoming birthday, some gifts never go out of style. A Lego set is one of those gifts! And, Legos are great for both kids and adults alike! Build them together, make a masterpiece, or share them with a kid!

Legos have been around for a while, but I think we can all agree they’re so much more exciting these days! But, if you love Legos, or have a kid that just can’t get enough of the creative outlet Legos provide, it can be quite expensive, especially for Lego sets. 

The good news is, there are plenty of ways to save money on Legos, so they don’t break the bank! Here are 16 Ways LEGO Fans Save Money!

1. Visit the Pick and Build Wall

If you’re lucky enough to live near a Lego store, well, then you’re lucky enough! Stop by and check out their Pick and Build Wall! Whether you need replacement pieces or want to put together a custom kit, you basically grab a cup and fill it up!

The cup is a flat fee (usually under $10 for a small and under $20 for a large, depending on your location), and you can fill it however you’d like. Don’t forget to sprinkle in the small pieces to make sure you aren’t paying for air!

Lego fans have even put together a list of tips on the best way to fill your cup to get the most for your money! Visit the Pick and Build Wall to save a ton on Legos!

2. Attend a FREE Monthly Mini Build

Lego Stores offer a free monthly mini-build that proves to be a great bonding experience for both you and your kid (6 years of age and older). According to this dad, you should register early for your Free monthly mini build instead of waiting until the day of!

Your kid gets to spend 20 minutes building something they can take home and show off to their friends. And, it doesn’t cost you a cent. Take advantage of the monthly mini-build sessions at a Lego Store near you!

3. Become a LEGO VIP Customer

Signing up to be a VIP Customer is super easy and very much worth it! Becoming a VIP means you get 6.5 points for every $1 you spend, and you can use those towards rewards. You can also get points for following on social media and the occasional survey.

VIP Customers also get invited to special events and promotions, like Double Points and VIP weekend celebrations. You can also get a sneak peek at new releases and early access to some of their most popular products.

Did we mention it’s free to become a Lego VIP? Sign up today, start racking up points, and saving on Lego sets today!

4. Shop at Walmart and Target

With Lego sets as popular as they are, they’ve caught on that not everyone can visit a Lego store or wants to order online. And, there are plenty of perks to shopping at Walmart and Target for your Lego purchase!

Walmart can be trusted for their low prices and rollbacks, even on Legos! They even have popular sets like Marvel and Disney. And, you can use all of your tricks and tips that save money at Walmart, and still walk away with a great deal on Legos.

Target takes it one step further by letting you rack up VIP points even without shopping at Lego. And, they have a lot of great categories to help you find just what you’re looking for

By shopping at Walmart and Target, you also get perks from their own rewards programs and may be able to use coupons towards your Lego purchase! 

5. Check Out Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sales

If you’re really looking to save on Lego sets, don’t forget about Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales! You can find great deals on both dates, and stores even advertise the deals the week off, so you know what is available. Save money on Lego by shopping on Black Friday!

6. Use Price Checker Sites like CamelCamelCamel or Honey

Believe it or not, there are third party sites that help you track prices and alert you when they’ve dropped, or when there is a good deal to be had! Sites like CamelCamelCamel and Honey are easy to use and plug in to Amazon to help you track prices.

Your best bet is to identify which Lego set you have your eye on and then try using these sites to see what kind of deals you can score. 

You can also see pricing trends and take a gamble on if you think the price will drop more in the future, or if it is as low as it will go. Save money on Legos by price checking and buying when the price is at its lowest!

7. Buy Used from Bricks and Minifigs

I have to say, I’m thoroughly impressed with the second-hand store Bricks and Minifigs. They sell nothing but Legos, already gently used, of course. Find a Bricks and Minifigs store near you to sell or trade your existing Legos and get new ones! 

This not only keeps plastic out of landfills, but is a great way to save money on collectibles or toys you know and love!

8. Stay Alert in Facebook Groups

Whether it be your local mom’s groups, or a Lego enthusiast group, keep your eyes open to what locals in your neighborhood are selling. If you are buying Legos for your kids, pay attention to mom’s groups who are looking to sell toys their kids outgrow. This may include Legos!

You can also check out Facebook Marketplace which has a more broad audience, and items can be shipped. Facebook groups are a great way to catch things locally and find gently used Legos that can be sent right to your door!

9. Read Crowdsourced Sites like Reddit and LAN

Turning to each other is part of what makes this planet turn ‘round. Lego enthusiasts can hardly contain their excitement for such a great product, and they’ve provided great resources to help you learn more about Lego and find great deals!

On Reddit, you can find LegoDeal where people share their wealth of knowledge on great Lego deals near and far. The chances are that even if they highlight a deal not near you, you can still check locally, especially if it’s a chain store like Walmart.

There is also the LEGO Ambassador Network for adult fans of Lego that’s a worldwide endeavor! You can find a safe group near you to join and discuss, trade or sell Legos. They also have events, so you can mix and mingle with others who share your passion.

When you crowdsource with others, there’s always a chance to save more money on Legos!

10. Ask for LEGO Gift Cards

Whether as a purchase for you or for a little one in your life, asking for a Lego Gift Card (or e-Gift card) is the perfect way to save money on Legos! Just remember, there is a difference between the two!

A LEGO gift card can be used in-store or online at Lego.com A LEGO e-gift card can only be used online at Lego.com. Regardless of how you receive a gift card, one thing is still true – it’s always a great day to save money on Legos!

11. Sell or Exchange LEGO Sets You Already Have

If your kid has tired themselves out playing with a specific model of Legos and wants to move on to newer and more exciting Legos, let them! Work with other parents in your kid’s friends group to package up the sets you don’t want anymore and exchange or sell them.

12. Find Sales and Offers on LEGO.com

Like most sites, Lego has an Offer and Sale tab that takes you exactly where you want to go – the money saving section! They have weekly promotions, and you can see all that they have on sale, some even up to 30% off.

If you can pair a sale with a gift card, what a steal that will be! Always check the Offer and Sale tab before making a purchase at Lego.com to see what deals you can find!

13. Join the LEGO Newsletter List

LEGO offers a Newsletter, and subscribing gets you put on their mailing list. Just sign up at the bottom of any page to be included. Who knows, you may find a coupon that pops up! And a coupon for Lego is a great way to save money!

14. Become a LEGO Affiliate

If you are someone that loves Legos enough to promote them or have a social media channel dedicated to their enjoyment, you may want to consider signing up to be a Lego Affiliate. You get official LEGO branded banners and text for your site and tools to track site traffic.

The best part – you get a commission when others use your links to purchase LEGO sets or merchandise. And, you can get some products, as well! Becoming an affiliate is a great way to save money for Legos!

15. Access a Student Discount for LEGO with Student Beans

Student Beans is a third party site dedicated to help students enrolled in university (and some high schools) get discounts for products they buy. By joining Student Beans, you get access to coupons and deals privy only to students.

You must provide proof of enrollment, but using Student Beans is a great way to get Legos at a discount! This is a great idea whether you want to buy Legos for yourself, or others in your family!

16. Follow Fan Sites like BrickBlogger

LEGO really fits in a niche community but has a huge fan base worldwide. It’s no surprise that fan sites like BrickBlogger.com have popped up all over the place. Unlike sites such as Reddit, you don’t have to create a user login to follow Brick Blogger.

Checking out fan sites is a great way to find deals that are upcoming (or currently happening), and can really help you jump on sales fast that you may otherwise miss. 

FAQs on How to Save Money on LEGO Sets

How Can I get LEGOs for Free?

Once a month, you can register to attend a free mini-build session at a local LEGO store! It only takes 20 to 30 minutes, and you have something to take home when you leave!

Is the LEGO Pick and Build Wall Worth It?

Absolutely! There is a science to filling up your cup. One method is to build it in layers with big bricks and fill small pieces in between, like pebbles. Some enthusiasts say to only get small pieces than buy large bricks online. Either way, it’s worth it.

Where Can I Buy LEGO Sets?

You can buy LEGO sets from stores like Walmart and Target. Target even lets you use your receipt to get VIP points on Lego.com. Of course, you can always buy them in-store and online from Lego.com, as well.

How Do I Become a LEGO VIP Customer?

Signing up to become a Lego VIP customer is free, and can be done on their site. There are great perks for signing up, including receiving 6.5 points per $1 spent. Those reward points can be exchanged for more LEGO merchandise!

Save Money on LEGO Sets

It really is easier than you think to save money on Lego sets. Shopping at stores like Walmart and Target are a great place to start if there isn’t a LEGO store near you. Don’t forget to check out Facebook or a Bricks and Minifigs near you, also.

Sign up for free monthly mini builds and become a VIP Customer, and you’ll soon be on your way to saving more money on LEGOs!

Leslie Roberts is an experienced writer, Salesforce consultant, and koopy.com contributor from North Carolina who enjoys writing about a variety of topics and hates overpaying for things. She also loves traveling, spending lots of time outdoors, and reading.

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