18 Simple Hacks to Save Even More at Lululemon

Over the past few years, Lululemon has become extremely expensive. The brand is known for its athletic apparel and super comfortable leggings that are high-quality, but also super steep in price. Whether you are into yoga, running, pilates, or lifting, Lululemon offers every type of apparel you are looking for. 

If you want to save the most money, you’ll need some insider tips. Read below to learn about the 18 best ways to save even more money at Lululemon.

1. Lululemon Sweat Collective

Sweat Collective is a discount for fitness leaders and trainers. Lululemon is constantly searching for local fitness enthusiasts to wear their apparel when they are teaching group fitness classes or leading a running club.

When you join the Sweat Collective you receive a 25% discount on all Lululemon purchases both in-store and online. When using the discount online, you will need to provide an ID or a phone number that is associated with your account. 

2. Shop at outlet stores

Lululemon has 24 outlet stores across the United States. They also have international outlet stores in Australia, Shanghai, Malaysia, and London. These outlets sell current and last season’s merchandise. Outlet stores offer amazing deals that you won’t be able to find online or at other locations. Lululemon also allows you to stack the Sweat Collective discounts on top of outlet pricing.

3. Shop Lululemon’s “We Made Too Much” section

Every Thursday morning Lululemon has a sale section called We Made Too Much where you can buy merchandise for less than retail. These discounts are between 15% and 70% and can be combined with the Sweat Collective. Make sure to keep an eye out for a cheap pair of leggings on Thursdays between 11 am and noon EST. 

4. Download the Lululemon app

Shopping in-store and find a product you love but it’s not in your size? Don’t worry. Download the Lululemon app and scan barcodes of the products that don’t fit. Other Lululemon stores will ship the item to you for free. Quickly browse through products and save the ones you want to keep an eye on. Available for both iOS and Android devices.

5. Shop at thrift or consignment stores

When you shop at thrift or consignment stores you will find discounts on Lululemon products for up to 90% off. Places like Goodwill and The Salvation Army are just a few great stores that are sure to have some discounted Lululemon items. Many of the products you find are either brand new or lightly used.

6. Find warehouse sales

You can find Lululemon warehouse sales both in person at a large venue or online. The better deals are typically found at the in-person sales. These warehouse sales are usually held in May and occur in a few major cities across the country. Even more online warehouse sales are held on Cyber Monday. If you are willing to fight the crowds, you can save 50% on select items. 

Keep in mind that all Lulu warehouse sales are final, so you cannot return them. Upon checkout, each tag will be removed and a cashier will black out the tag to prevent returns.

7. 30-day return policy

Don’t love your recent leggings purchase? Well, Lululemon has a return period of 30 days for you to return your items. All returns are free and can be done in person or by mail. If you wish to exchange an item it must be done in-store. Sales are final on all “We Made To Much” merchandise, water bottles, and underwear.

8. Get a team discount

The Lululemon team discount program allows shoppers to purchase multiple items at checkout for a 25% off deal. This is typically for orders of 12 items or more, but the rules vary per store. You may also find that your store offers 30% off, rather than 25%.

9. Work for Lululemon

Full-time Lululemon employees get 40-60% off of any purchase made. Employees are only allowed to purchase items for themselves, but all discounts apply towards both regular-priced and on-sale merchandise. If you work at a Lulu warehouse sale you can receive free merchandise, clothing, and priority shipping.

10. Get free hemmings and repairs

Scrape your knee and now you have a hole in your favorite Lulu leggings? Whether you buy it through a 3rd party or directly from Lululemon, you will get free repairs on your leggings and other apparel. This amazing guarantee program ensures that your hard-earned money does not go to waste. If the store cannot fix it, then they will replace it with a similar item at no additional cost.

11. Get a price match

If you find that a product is cheaper online or in-person then Lululemon will match the price of it upon purchase.

Simply upload a picture of your receipt, tag the Lululemon live chat, and a customer service representative will match the price. Unlike other stores, Lululemon will not do a traditional price match. If an item goes on sale a few days later you cannot return it for the sale price.

12. Don’t bother with Black Friday shopping

The sales on Black Friday at Lululemon are underwhelming. The traditional Black Friday experience does not apply since the discounts are not nearly as steep as most retail stores. In general, the sales racks do get marked down during this time, but it isn’t anything crazy. The best time for discounts is after Christmas where the store discounts can get as high as 50%. 

13. Lululemon military discount

Active military members and first responders are able to get Lululemon’s military discount. This discount gives shoppers an additional 25% off in-store items and markdowns. There are no exclusions or limits but the discount needs to be used in-store to show proper identification. 

14. Join a Facebook group

There are dozens of Facebook groups out there where you can buy and sell Lululemon items. When you join one you will get notifications about who is looking to sell their brand new or used Lulus. These items are always at a discounted price from the Lululemon shop.

15. Opt for a color other than black

Black is the most popular color item at Lululemon. The retailer intentionally limits quantities of black items because they want them to sell out. They are super hard to find and often black items never go on sale. So, if you find a pair of black leggings on sale, snatch them while you can. 

16. Read the washing instructions

If you want your items to last a long time make sure to fully read the washing and drying instructions on your Lulu products! Always wash them in cold water and hang them to dry. Do not throw them in the dryer, it will ruin the material. Also, never use fabric softener as it ruins the moisture-wicking properties of most garments.

Each pair of leggings runs between $70 and $130, so be sure to read all instructions otherwise you will be wasting your hard-earned money. 

17. Free bag when you shop in-store

When you shop in-store Lululemon will give you a free branded bag upon purchase. If you order online you are not able to get the tote.

18. Free shipping!

Lululemon offers free standard shipping on all items. For an additional cost you can get express or priority, but standard shipping ensures that your merchandise will arrive within 2-6 days of ordering. Also, Lululenon has a free return policy. Simply process the print label online, stick it on a box, and bring it to your nearest shipping center. 

Final Thoughts

Overall, Lululemon is an extremely expensive brand. If you don’t know some of the secret hacks to save money, the final price will add up super quickly. Try shopping at local outlets and find Lululemon products through 3rd party services or a thrift store. Take advantage of the free repairs so that your hard-earned money doesn’t go to waste.

Just because the prices are high, doesn’t mean the products aren’t worth the money. Lulu apparel can last for years if you take care of it the right way. Just make sure to keep an eye out for discounts, coupons, and deals that pop up, because they aren’t very frequent.

Olivia Kelliher is an experienced writer and a koopy.com contributor from Boston, MA who enjoys writing about a variety of topics such as health and wellbeing, fashion, and marketing. In her down time, Olivia loves to hang out with her dogs, go swimming, and take pictures on her camera.

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