15 Money-Saving Hacks for Micheal’s Craft Store

Micheal’s is a magical store that sells crafting supplies for the whole family, and if you love to create or decorate, you know that the costs can add up fast. Luckily, there are tons of ways for you to save money on all your favorite home decor and DIY materials at Micheal’s, and we’ve got all the best tips and tricks right here.

Here are all the secrets you need to know for your next trip to Micheal’s.

1. Stay on Top of Sales with Micheal’s Weekly Ads

When it comes to shopping at Micheal’s, the key things are coupons and sales. If you ever buy anything at Micheal’s for full price, you’re missing out on serious savings that you could snatch right out of the air.

One of the best places to find Micheal’s coupons is in their weekly ads. Each week, Micheal’s publishes paper ads (that you can conveniently access online) with a wealth of information on the deals you can redeem from Sunday to Saturday. The coupons and sales you find in these weekly ads aren’t weak, either. They can feature 50% off deals on select categories (like craft storage) or tell you all about special events like their “Mega Clearance,” which gives you up to 70% off thousands of items.

2. Sign Up for Micheal’s Newsletter

The savings don’t end with the weekly ads. To stay on top of the most recent trends, promotions, and deals, you’ll also want to receive the Micheal’s newsletter via email. You can sign up for email notifications here.

3. Use Micheal’s Coupons from Koopy.com

With coupons on Koopy.com, you’ll never need to pay full price while shopping at Micheal’s again. Koopy.com is a premier couponing site that offers great deals like 20% off your entire purchase, free shipping, free in-store pick up, and 15% off bulk orders.

Whether you’re crafting as a hobby or running a business, Koopy.com is the savings resource for all your Micheal’s shopping needs. 

4. Find Coupons Online at Micheals.com

Shopping online already has plenty of perks, including convenience and delivery–and at Micheals.com, you can also find great coupons. Their favorite coupon to share is 20% all regularly-priced purchases, which you can almost always find on their coupons page.

The best part is that you can redeem these digital coupons online or in-store.

5. Stack Coupons for Ultimate Savings

While most stores restrict your coupon usage to only one or two per purchase, Micheal’s policy lets you stack a seemingly exorbitant amount of coupons–Micheal’s knows that their shoppers love using coupons.

Although Micheal’s coupon policy does have some restrictions like only one coupon per product (excluding the percentage off your entire order coupons) and only one coupon of each type per day, you can seriously stack coupons with a little bit of strategy. Keep in mind that some specific items also evade couponing, such as sewing machines, Christmas trees, and candy. Check out all the terms and conditions here

6. Price Match with Competing Stores

Another great way to save is to take advantage of Micheal’s price match policy. They refer to this as their “In-Store Price Guarantee,” and you can garner discounts by showing the Micheal’s cashier a lower price from almost any retailer–whether it’s Micheal’s own online store or a brick-and-mortar retailer. You can bring in ads, catalogs, or newsletters from other retailers to prove the lower price or show them prices listed online.

Unlike some other retailers’ price match policies, Micheal’s also allows you to price match with select online stores, such as:

  • Amazon
  • AC Moore
  • Hobby Lobby
  • Joann
  • Kohls
  • Lowes
  • Kmart
  • Target
  • Walmart
  • Office Depot
  • Staples
  • Rite Aid
  • Walgreens
  • CVS

Before you check out, you could run a quick search on some of these retailers’ sites to see if your items are being sold for less somewhere else. Take advantage of someone else’s sales with just a little bit of time and effort! Oh, and Micheal’s won’t just match that price–they’ll beat it by 10%.

However, keep in mind that if you redeem this low price guarantee, you won’t be able to stack other coupons on top of it.

7. Price Match After Purchase

Up to seven days after you make an online purchase from Micheals.com, you have the opportunity to cash in on sales if your item was listed for less. That includes Micheal’s website as well as that long list of online competitors.

However, if you purchase items online and want to redeem this discount, make sure you call Micheal’s customer service at 1-800-642-4235 and not your local store. To reach more about the terms and conditions of this policy, check out Micheal’s “Online Price Guarantee” here.

8. Redeem Micheal’s Rewards

When you enroll in Micheal’s Rewards, you can earn $5 vouchers for spending money on those crafting supplies and home decor pieces that you know you’d buy without the rewards program, anyway.

Every week, Micheal’s offers unique “Rewards Specials” and “Bonus Rewards” opportunities, too. As an added bonus, rewards members can easily return unwanted items without their original receipt. Plus, you’ll receive special birthday gifts and exclusive limited-time offers.

Sign up for a Micheal’s Rewards account online here, or download the Micheal’s app.

9. Download the Micheal’s App

The Micheal’s app does more than give you easy access to your rewards vouchers–you can also get in-app coupons for added savings. The perks don’t end there. With the Micheal’s app, you can:

  • Find a store near you
  • Add items to your shopping list
  • Use the product locator to find your items while you shop in-store
  • Check product prices and availability
  • Discover inspiration

You can download the Micheal’s app on Google Play or the App Store.

10.Say Yes to Text-Alerts

When you sign up for a Micheal’s account, you can choose to opt-in for text alerts. They’ll send you about two texts a week to update you on the latest deals, including choice limited-time sales you’ll want to be clued in on.

You can also text JOIN to 273-283.

11. Connect with Micheal’s on Social Media

If you’re committed to staying on top of deals and knowing what’s what when it comes to Micheal’s, you’ll want to follow your favorite crafting retailer on social media. Friend Micheal’s on Facebook, follow on Instagram or keep up on Twitter to see all the crafting inspiration and info you need this year.

12. Use the Teacher Discount

If you want to save the most money possible at Micheal’s, you’ll need to take advantage of all the discounts at your disposal. If you work in education, this tip is for you.

Micheal’s offers 15% off your entire purchase if you’re a teacher. If you already have a Micheal’s Rewards account (or if you plan on creating one), you can sync up your teacher status to your account, and your discount will be automatically applied to every purchase, in-store or online.

Your teacher status will be verified by Micheal’s if you:

  • are a teacher, staff, or faculty member at a Pre-K or Post-Grad institution
  • teach in a daycare center, early childhood learning center, or home school
  • instruct or teach at After School Programs, Boys & Girls Clubs, and the like

Learn more about Micheal’s “Teacher Discount” here.

13. Redeem the Military Discount

The discounts don’t end there. Micheal’s also offers 15% off your entire purchase if you are a member of the military. You can also sync your status up to your account, and verification is usually immediate.

If you are (or know someone who is) active duty, reservist/national guard, a veteran, or a registered dependent, you can sync up your Micheal’s Rewards account and get 15% off every order. Read more about Micheal’s Military Discount here.

14. Ask for a Senior Discount

If you’re 55 or older, you can also receive a discount from Micheals for 10% off your entire purchase. Sometimes, it pays to age.

All you need to do is show ID (or bring a parent who qualifies to show their ID) and sync up your Micheal’s Rewards account with the “Senior Discount.” 

15. Get an Employee Discount

The best discount of all, however, is reserved for Micheal’s family members only. Micheal’s employees receive a 30% discount. Although it isn’t an extremely steep deal, it’s a little sweeter when you consider the fact that you can use coupons on top of the discount as well.

If you’re considering getting a part-time job to support your crafting addiction, spending more time at Micheal’s might be a good idea. Check out the available positions at a Micheal’s store near you with their career search portal.

FAQs About Micheal’s Craft Store Savings Tips

How can I save money at Micheal’s?

If you want to save money at Micheal’s, there’s good news. There are tons of ways to save your hard-earned cash even when shopping at your favorite craft store. Our favorite tips from this list of money-saving hacks include:

– Only shop at Micheal’s during sales events (you can save up to 70% off!)
– Find Micheal’s coupons at Micheals.com (save up to 50% off)
– Redeem coupons online from Koopy.com (pro tip: never shop without a coupon!)
– Stack coupons for extra savings

Learn more money-saving tips from the experts at Koopy.com to save money at Micheal’s Craft Store and your other favorite shopping spots!

What is the best way to save money at Micheal’s Craft Store?

The best way to save money at Micheal’s is to search for great deals and stack coupons. By combining money-saving hacks like online coupons, current sales, and price matching policies, you can save as much as 80% every time you stock up on craft supplies at Micheal’s. Read our ultimate guide to saving money at Micheal’s for the essential information on saving money at this popular craft store.

Does Micheal’s have online shopping?

Yes! Micheal’s has online shopping. Micheal’s offers online shopping across the US, and you have the option to pick up in-store or pay for shipping. But if you want to save money, you should know that Micheal’s offers free shipping on orders over $49.

Is Micheal’s overpriced?

Micheal’s prices on craft supplies are lower than those at Hobby Lobby but more expensive than the prices at retailers like Walmart, Amazon, JoAnn, or Blick. Many craft savvy people avoid Micheal’s due to its high prices, but shopping with coupons during sales is a smart way to offset the costs. Micheal’s also offers a decent price match policy which will honor prices seen online and in-stores at its competitors’ stores, which include Amazon, Walmart, and Target.

Is Micheal’s the cheapest craft store?

If you want to buy the cheapest craft supplies possible, Walmart and Amazon are the most affordable retailers. Micheal’s is cheaper than its main competitor Hobby Lobby, but both corporations are similar in their values, operations, and prices. You may also be able to find better prices on craft supplies at retailers like JoAnn or Blick.

Save More Money at Micheal’s and Don’t Miss Out on Savings

Now you know that there’s no reason you should ever be shopping at Micheal’s without a coupon in hand, a deal in mind, or some vouchers to cash in on. With great opportunities for savings right at your fingertips, you can get more from Micheal’s (and keep more money in your wallet) when you shop for your next project.

Whether you prefer shopping online or in-store, be sure to take advantage of as many of these savings tips as possible!

Rebecca Choi is a freelance writer, designer, and contributor to koopy.com from Philadelphia, PA. Armed with her Bachelor's Degree in English and Graphic Design from Arcadia University, she pursues a life of creation and hopes to earn an M.Arch in the near future. Her passions include reading novels, writing poetry, promoting mental health and wellness, and creating functional artwork.

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