15 Ingenious Ways to Save Money on Shutterfly Photo Products

Shutterfly is the number one site for shoppers who are looking to print a family photo album, gift personalized wall art, send photo holiday cards, and more.

Using Shutterfly’s photo storage is completely free (and it’s unlimited!). It’s the only photo storage facility that doesn’t charge for this service. If I didn’t get your attention at free, you might be reading the wrong blog.

Even though Shutterfly offers one-of-a-kind free photo storage, the products we’re most interested in–like the photobooks and photo cards–are more costly.

Luckily, we’ve got the lowdown on how you can save the most money when shopping on Shutterfly.

1. Finish Your Project Before Buying

Listen, we get it. You’re excited about a new project, so you purchase it (a possibility with our great savings tips). But then you never finish, lose out on the deal, or worse, waste money.

So, here’s your first tip: finish your project before you send Shutterfly any money. That way, you can cash in on your deals right away, avoid the pressure of finishing your project last minute and keep an eye out for those steep discounts that will come your way eventually.

The best Shutterfly tip is to get your project started–and finished–early. If you need any ideas or inspiration to finish your project (or get it started), check out Shutterfly’s Ideas & Inspiration Blog.

2. Shop Black Friday Sales

When Black Friday comes around, you’re more likely to eye up things like televisions or designer clothes, but Shutterfly offers a sitewide sale every year on Black Friday that you can count on.

3. Shop Other Holiday and Event Sales, Too

Black Friday isn’t the only time you can get a great discount on Shutterfly (although it may be the best). They also offer a Friends and Family sale in June and a Christmas sale just before the holidays.

In November, look for Shutterfly’s free custom calendar deal. 

4. Cash-In on Reliable Shutterfly Freebies

In addition to the free calendar for next year, Shutterfly offers a freebie for 99 4×6″ photo prints every few months.

Shutterfly loves offering freebies to customers, but you will need to pay for shipping. If you want to save money, wait to purchase photo prints or calendars until they’re offered for free. Also, keep your eyes peeled for other free offers throughout the year!

5. Use a Shutterfly Coupon or Promo Code

If you didn’t catch it from Shutterfly’s love of giving away free stuff, Shutterfly understands people who love to save money. That’s why they have an easy-to-navigate Promotions Page that details all of their available current offers, deals, and discounts.

You can also find information about Shutterfly’s current promotions on Koopy.com!

6. Sign Up for Shutterfly’s Email List

If you want to receive even more coupons in your inbox–which you should–then subscribe to Shutterfly’s special offers.

Sign up for both emails and text messages to optimize your potential for getting a great deal. You can opt out of either at any time. To register for Shutterfly’s email list, you’ll need to create an account first.

7. Create a Shutterfly Account

To use Shutterfly, you need to create a Shutterfly account. So, if you’re already a member, you might want to consider creating a second account to redeem this deal.

When you sign up, Shutterfly offers a special discount. Their current offer gives you 101 free prints, 5 free magnets, 1 free set of address labels, and 1 free art print!

8. Redeem Coupons from Rewards Programs

Shutterfly and Koopy.com aren’t the only places where you can receive Shutterfly discounts and promo codes. Tons of retailers who partner with Shutterfly will send you promo codes via email.

This tip can help you save money at Shutterfly, the following retailers, and their partners, too!

Sign up for these rewards programs:

9. Save Coupons to Your Shutterfly Account

Some Shutterfly coupons expire shortly after you redeem them — but others will last for months. If you receive a promo code, you can save it to your Shutterfly account–whether it’s from Shutterfly or from another retailer.

Don’t lose track of your coupons by keeping them all in the same place.

10. Stack Shutterfly Coupons and Promo Codes

Before you check out, read the fine print of your coupons and promo codes. While some offers (like free shipping promotions) can’t be combined with other offers, many of the coupons can be stacked for extra savings.

Shutterfly recommends trying different combinations of as many coupons as possible if you want to discover the best deals.

11. Stock Up to Get the Most Out of Free Shipping Deals

It’s common for Shutterfly to offer free shipping promotions, but they usually require minimum purchase requirements on the amount of money you spend or the type and number of products purchased.

Instead of ordering single items here and there, consider stocking up on the items you want the most all at the same time. If you still can’t reach the minimum, consider asking nearby friends and family if they want to combine their order with yours.

12. Follow Shutterfly on Social Media

Shutterfly offers exclusive deals to its social media followers on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Plus, they’ll announce the good news about the biggest sales you’ll want to cash in on.

13. Download the Free Shutterfly Mobile App

The Shutterfly mobile app makes it easier to upload photos and create projects on the go–and it also gives you unlimited free 4×6 and 4×4 prints for a limited time after you download the app (you will need to pay for shipping, though).

14. Refer a Friend to Shutterfly

When you think of gifts on Shutterfly, you probably imagine a personalized mug or a custom print–but you can give the gift of Shutterfly by referring a friend! After you create an account, join the Refer A Friend program to receive a special gift for yourself and the friend or family members who join!

15. Subscribe to a Shutterfly Prepaid Plan

If you’re a hardcore Shutterfly customer, you may want to consider signing up for a Shutterfly membership plan. They have multiple options for you to choose from, including:

  • Annual Print Plans
  • Prepaid 4×6 Plans
  • Prepaid Portrait Plans

The Annual Print Plan costs $29.99/year, and it gets you 30% off all print sizes and collage posters.

When you prepay for 4×6 photos, you can bring the cost per print down from 15¢ per photo to 12¢, 11¢, or 9¢ (for up to 200, 400, or 600 photos, respectively). With the 9¢ plan, you can save up to 40% on your Shutterfly prints.

The Prepaid Portrait Plans are similar, offering three tiers of savings–from 17% to 40%.
You can also subscribe to PrintFix, a Shutterfly service that delivers one photobook each month for just $4.99/month.

Shutterfly FAQs

Are Amazon Prints cheaper than Shutterfly?

Amazon Prints photobooks cost $19.99+ and may incur additional shipping fees. Shutterfly photobooks cost $15.99+ and incur a $4.99 shipping fee. A 4×6 print costs 15¢ on Shutterfly and 9¢ on Amazon Prints. Shutterfly offers additional savings opportunities and promo codes, unlike Amazon. Shutterfly also offers more design options than Amazon.

Does Ellen Degeneres own Shutterfly?

No. Ellen Degeneres does not own Shutterfly. She talks about Shutterfly so much on her show because Shutterfly (which is owned by Apollo Global Management LLC and District Photo) provides all the funding for the donations Ellen gives away. Shutterfly is The Ellen Degeneres Show’s exclusive philanthropic partner.

Does Shutterfly own my photos forever?

Shutterfly does not own your photos and the photo-storing service will keep them private. However, Shutterfly does reserve the right to use your photos (even after you’ve deleted them on Shutterfly) to show you how your photos might look in their products. So, if you’re seeing photos uploaded to Shutterfly appear in your email, even after you’ve ceased using the service–that’s why.

Is there a monthly subscription fee for Shutterfly?

You do not need to pay a monthly subscription fee to use Shutterfly, and Shutterfly accounts are free. Shutterfly does offer various subscriptions for customers who use their services often, including PrintFix, which automatically delivers you one photo book each month for just $4.99. They also have optional annual and prepaid plans that can help customers save money.

Save Money on Custom Shutterfly Photo Products

Shutterfly can make your holidays and celebrations extra special with photo cards, albums, and personalized gifts–but they are known for falling on the more expensive side when it comes to print photographs.

If you want to order from Shutterfly, don’t purchase anything at full price ever. Use our 15 tips to discover promo codes and deals that can help you save money on the custom items you want the most. Oh, and don’t forget to finish your projects first.

Rebecca Choi is a freelance writer, designer, and contributor to koopy.com from Philadelphia, PA. Armed with her Bachelor's Degree in English and Graphic Design from Arcadia University, she pursues a life of creation and hopes to earn an M.Arch in the near future. Her passions include reading novels, writing poetry, promoting mental health and wellness, and creating functional artwork.

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