14 Best Ways to Save at Stein Mart That You Need to Know

Stein Mart is a discount women’s and men’s department store chain that has its headquarters based out of Jacksonville, Florida. The store sells home goods, clothing, accessories, and shoes. While physical stores have closed down permanently back in mid-2020, along with their debit and credit card, customers are still able to buy their complete catalog of products online through the Stein Mart website.  

While Stein Mark advertises that their items are more than 60% cheaper than department store prices, they’re still pretty expensive. The items are higher-priced due to their high quality and stellar customer service, which can make the store seem out of budget for some shoppers. However, if you plan to use the proper saving tips, Stein Mark won’t hurt your wallet. Check out our best ways to save at Stein Mart that you should know about.

1. Sign Up For their Email Club

When you first visit the Stein Market web page, a pop-up will greet you and offer to give you 15% off your purchase if you enter your e-mail address.

Once you enter your e-mail address, you’ll receive a coupon sent to your inbox almost instantly. Plus, once you’re signed up, you’ll receive periodic coupons or discounts, along with exclusive information about new releases or additions to their website.

2. Download The Stein Mart’s App

If you have never downloaded the application, you’re missing out on a 15-dollar saving! By downloading the application, you’ll be able to browse through your favorite designs, save your favorite items to a wish list, or order directly from the application.

You can even add additional coupons to your account or contact customer service if you’re having any problems with your order.

Right now, the application is only available on the Apple app store. Once you download the application, you’ll be advised to sign up to start saving. To sign up for an account, you’ll need an e-mail, birth date, and name.

Once completed, you’ll receive additional e-mails for special discounts and coupons depending on what you purchase or on special occasions, such as your birthday. Plus, once downloaded, you’ll receive a $15 off coupon.

3. Keep an Eye on Giveaways

To keep customers excited about their products, Stein Mart consistently posts announcements about special giveaways on their Instagram and Facebook every month.

The giveaways usually include an action, such as tagging friends in the comment section, liking a post, or sharing a post. Make sure that you’re following all of Stein Mart’s social media accounts so that you can stay informed for the next giveaway.

4. Check the Stein Mart Website Every Week

New merchandise is sent to Stein Mart every week. Make sure you take the time to browse the website each week to see what new inventory has been added. Plus, if you’re on the website consistently, you’ll already know what items you’ve already seen and which have just been added to their product offerings.

If you see something you like, make sure to purchase it immediately. Once Stein Mart sells out of something, they’re unlikely to add the same item back to their inventory.

5. Shop the Clearance Section

Even though everything is already marked down 60% from department store prices, you can still find ways to save by browsing through the clearance section. While the actual website does not advertise their clearance in a dedicated section, you can find it by following these easy steps.

  • Go to the Stein Mart website and click on the category you want to purchase.
  • Once the items on the page load, look to the right side of the page for the tab that is labeled “Sort By.”
  • Click into the tab next to the Sort By label and find the option that says “Price: Low to High,” and click it.

From there, the items will automatically reorganize themselves to show the prices from lowest to highest. There, you can find the things that have been marked down for clearance. You can find deals up to 85% off by using this method!

6. Purchase Discounted Gift Cards

If you want an extra discount on your Stein Mart purchase, consider buying a gift card from websites such as Gift Card Granny or Raise. These platforms are designed for users to sell gift cards they don’t want for cash. You can find gift cards with discounts from 2%-20% off by using these platforms. If you are unable to find the gift card you want for Stein Mart, you can sign up to become notified once they become available.

7. Make Returns On Time

Stein Mart has a typical return time window of 30 days. If you don’t return it by that time, you’re unable to receive any type of store credit or money back for your order.

Before returning your item, make sure to contact Customer service or use their returns portal to receive a particular return label and verify that your item is eligible for return. If you don’t use their official return methods, you’ll be charged a $10 manual processing fee

8. Use Koopy To Find Additional Coupons

If you can’t find the coupons you’re looking for, checking online coupon sources, like Koopy, is another excellent way to save some extra money.

There are certain times of the year, around holidays or special events like Black Friday, where additional coupons are available for shoppers to use. By taking your time to check through Koopy’s exclusive coupons, you can find an easy way to save extra money on your purchase.

9. Handbags Are Always a Good Deal

From Louis Vuitton to Gucci, you can find an incredible markdown on name-brand designer handbags at Stein Mart. Stein Mart is known for having a wide selection of major designer bags that professionals will buy and resell to make extra income.

One of the biggest worries most have when purchasing a designer bag from a third party is the authenticity of the bag. Stein mart ensures that its products are 100% authentic by using professional authenticators. These bags come and go quickly, so it’s essential to continually check back to find the best deals.

10. Find A Lower Price Online and Receive a Refund For the Difference

Stein Mart is dedicated to offering the lowest prices for their items. So much so that they’ve partnered with Norton’s Shopping guarantee, which ensures you’re able to get the best price on everything you purchase.

If you find a lower price on the item you’ve purchased within 30 days, you can submit a claim through Norton to receive the difference in the purchase price.

However, this is limited to a price difference maximum of $100 per item. If it’s more than a $100 difference, and before the 30-day mark, you can always choose to return the item.

11. Spend $75 on Items for Free Shipping

Instead of purchasing multiple times from Stein Mart, try to wait to make one big purchase so that your cart total is more than $75.

Once you’ve hit this dollar amount, you’ll automatically receive free shipping for your items. Depending on your location, this can save you between $6-20 per order.

12. Wait for Black Friday

Stein Mart is known for its extraordinary Black Friday sales. If you’re not in a rush to buy items, wait until this time of the year to claim some fantastic blowout deals or special prices on home goods or apparel. The sale usually lasts all week and can save you hundreds of dollars on your order.

13. Employees Receive an Additional 25% Discount

If you can’t stop shopping at Stein Mart and need a way to save a consistent amount of money every time you shop, consider working at Stein Mart’s headquarters.

Employees of Stein Mart receive a 25% discount on all the items in the store. The discounts are even added on top of the sales that are already running online. Depending on the time of the year, this discount can increase to 30%. 

14. Look for Extreme Markdowns in January and August

There are a few times of the year when Stein Mart needs to get rid of its current inventory to make room for its new products. At the beginning of the year, around mid-January, you’ll typically find discounted Christmas items such as decorations or clothing.

In August, you’ll typically find end-of-summer items at a discount, such as swimwear, clothing, or décor. These items won’t be advertised as clearance, but using the method we listed in Tip 5 will allow you to find these special deals quickly.

Save Big with These Tips for Stein Mart

There are so many ways to save money at Stein Mart. While the chain is already discounted, you can still find savings. By using our tips, you’re able to never pay full price again for the products you love. Make sure to try out each tip and let us know below in the comments how they worked out for you.

Laura is an experienced copywriter and a koopy.com contributor from San Diego who enjoys creating a better world through writing. In her free time, you can find her playing with her three puppies, working out, or surfing at the beach.

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