Ulta Return Policy – Is it any Good?

You love Ulta for its large selection of makeup and amazing sales. You might even love it for the Ultimates program that accrues points you can use to get FREE makeup.

There are a million reasons to love Ulta, but is the Ulta return policy one of them?

We’ve uncovered the truth about the Ulta Beauty return policy and shared the details below.

11 Facts About the Ulta Beauty Return Policy

1. You can Get a Full Refund for 60 Days

The return policy at Ulta is generous because it allows you 60 days to return an item. This is 30 days longer than most stores, and only if you want a full refund. All items should have all accessories with them. If you make the 60-day window, you’ll get a full refund.

2. You can Still Return after 60 Days

If you don’t return within the 60-day window, you can return an item up to 90 days after purchasing, but you won’t get a full refund the way you paid. Instead, you’ll get a store credit equal to the amount you paid.

3. You’ll Need your Receipt

Here’s the largest obstacle with the Ulta return policy. You need your receipt. There’s a way around it, which we’ll discuss below, but if you want cash or credit to your card, you must have your original receipt.

If you are an Ultamate member or purchased online, they can look up your purchase for you. That’s why it pays to join their free program. Then, you don’t have to worry about being stuck with items you don’t want because you lost the receipt.

There’s a catch, though. Your refund is equal to the store’s lowest selling price in the last 90 days. You must also provide an ID because they track how many returns each person does to prevent anyone from taking advantage of it.

4. You Might Still be able to Return Without a Receipt

If you lost the receipt and aren’t an Ultamate member (consider joining now), you may still return it, but you won’t receive cash or credit to your card. Instead, you’ll receive a store credit to use on any product in the store.

5. You can Return Gifts with a Gift Receipt

If you received a gift bought at Ulta and don’t want it, you can return it with a gift receipt. You won’t receive a refund in cash, but you will receive a store credit to use on an item you will use.

6. The Ulta Return Policy Includes Used Items

Yes, you can return used products to Ulta. If you buy makeup, try it and decide it’s not for you, take it back with your receipt. It’s best to do this within 60 days to get a full refund. If not, you can get store credit for up to 90 days or can exchange for the same product in a different shade at no charge.

7. You Don’t Need the Original Packaging

Since Ulta accepts used products, it makes sense that they don’t require original packaging. Of course, it’s always suggested that you have it, but as long as you have all the parts that came with it, you can return the item.

8. You can Return Items Bought Online In-Store

If you bought products on Ulta.com and don’t like them, you can return them in-store. The return policy is identical, and it’s much easier to locate your proof of purchase if you shopped online because you’ll have an email and/or an online account they can access.

The only exception to the rule is you won’t receive a refund for the shipping charges. Instead, you’ll only receive the price paid for the product and tax back to your original payment method if you return within 60 days.

9. You can Return Items Bought Online via Mail

You can ship items back to Ulta.com if you don’t want to go to the store. However, you’re responsible for the shipping charges to get the item back. So it’s best to take it to the store if you have one near you.

10. You can Return Perfume

Many stores don’t allow you to return perfume, even unopened bottles, but Ulta is different. You can return unopened or opened and tried perfume. In addition, if you received the perfume as a gift or it smells different at home than it did in the store, you can return it for a full refund within 60 days with the original receipt.

11. You Cannot Return Items Bought at Ulta Beauty at Target

If you bought items at Ulta Beauty at Target, you cannot return them to an Ulta store. They are only returnable at Ulta Beauty at Target. You also cannot return items bought at Ulta at Ulta Beauty at Target.

How to Return In-Store at Ulta

If you bought your products in-store and want to return them in person, here’s how.

  • Bring your product with all accessories and pieces to your local Ulta store
  • Head to the front counter and tell the associate you want to return the item
  • Provide your receipt or phone number for the Ultamate Rewards account
  • You can also provide the shipping slip if you bought online
  • You’ll receive a full refund to your original payment method if it’s within 60-days and you have a receipt
  • You also have the option to exchange it for the same product or a different product and pay the difference (if there is one)
  • If you receive store credit, you can use it on a future purchase, just like cash

If you bought items online and want to return them in-store, here’s how:

  • Bring your product with all accessories and parts to your local Ulta store
  • Head to the front counter and tell the associate you want to return the item
  • Provide your email order confirmation and the packing slip
  • If you don’t have the confirmation or packing slip, provide your account credentials to the associate to see if they can be located
  • You’ll receive a full refund to the method of payment unless you paid with a third-party payment service, then you can choose how to receive the refund, either a credit to your chosen credit card or an in-store credit
  • If Ulta can’t find your order information, they’ll treat it like a return without a receipt and provide an in-store credit

How to Return by Mail

Ulta requests that all returns made by mail are returned in the original packaging. You are also responsible for all shipping charges.

Use the return mailing label they include on the packing list and send it to:

Ulta.com Returns Center

1135 Arbor Drive

Romeoville, IL 60446

Ulta will process your return upon receipt and send you an email confirmation to advise you of the return.

They ask that all customers return products via ground shipping as some products may be hazardous, such as aerosol cans or flammable products. In addition, the U.S. Department of Transportation requires all hazmat products to be sent via ground shipping.

What Happens to Ultamate Points Earned on Returned Products?

When you return a product you earned Ultamate points on, they will deduct the points from your account. However, if you used points to buy the product, you will receive the points back on your account rather than a refund.

FAQs – The Return Policy for Ulta

How long can you wait to return something to Ulta?

Ulta is generous with its return policy giving customers 60 days for a full refund or 90 days for a store credit. You can also exchange for the same or another product within 90 days. If the product costs less than the original product, you’ll receive a refund of the difference. If it costs more, you must pay the difference.

What is the return policy for Ulta on used products?

Ulta stands behind its product guarantees. However, if you aren’t satisfied with a product after using it, you can return it as long as you’re within the 60 or 90-day window.

Does Ulta give cash back for returns?

Ulta pays you back using the method you paid for the product. For example, if you paid cash, you’d receive cash back. But if you paid with a debit or credit card, you’ll get a credit on your card, or you can choose store credit if you’d prefer.
If you paid with Ultamate points, you’d receive your points back to use on a future purchase.

What does Ulta do with opened returns?

Ulta doesn’t resell opened returns. Instead, they dispose of the products appropriately but honor their customers by providing their money back.

Do you have to return a free gift with purchase if you return a product?

You can keep the free gift earned with the purchase even if you return the purchase. However, Ulta keeps track of your returns. If this becomes a habit, they have the right to refuse your return.

Final Thoughts – Is the Ulta Return Policy Good?

The Ulta return policy is one of the most flexible return policies for a retail store. They provide the option to buy products, try them at home and return them if you don’t like them.

It’s best not to do it often because they track your returns. The occasional open product return is okay, as are any unopened packages, but don’t abuse the open package policy, or you may risk being unable to make returns at Ulta.

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