18 Best Ways to Save When Shopping at VONS

If you live in the Southern California/Nevada area, then you probably know about VONS. With its large selection and bright aisles, you can find just about anything you might need.

Another thing about VONS? It has some of the most robust ways to save money that we’ve ever seen from a grocery store. When it comes to savings opportunities, VONS really is best in class. 

From personalized savings to gas rewards, to free groceries and more, you can save so much money during your next VONS grocery haul.

We’ve searched and collected the very best tips to maximize your savings, so read on for the biggest ways to save the most money at VONS.

1. Create an account!

Creating an account with VONS is the first and most important thing you can do to rack up the savings. It’s really easy to do online: enter in your information, agree to the terms, and VONS will send you promotional emails with the latest and greatest offers… but that’s just the very start of it. 

Creating an account isn’t just about getting the occasional promotional email – this is the key to accumulating and tracking savings. This is the best way to maximize your savings at VONS, so make sure you register and then….

2. Maximize your savings with the “just for U” rewards program!

When you have an account, you have instant access to the “just for U” program – and this is where the magic happens! There are several exciting opportunities in the just for U program, and you don’t want to miss out on any of them!

For example:

3. “Clip” digital coupons and redeem them when you shop!

Part of the just for U program includes one of my favorite things: coupons! I’m an even bigger fan of the digital ones – so much easier to keep track of. VONS has got you covered here, offering a wide array of digital coupons you can “clip” and use!

I also like VONS’ approach – they have a slightly different take on their offerings. For example, VONS has several coupons that cover more “general” purchases – meaning, you don’t have to buy a specific item to receive the discount. 

For example, one recent offering was a coupon good for a dollar off any frozen item. I found another for a dollar off any produce department purchase.

They also had a coupon recently where you could get $5 off a purchase of at least $50! 

This makes it nice because you don’t necessarily have to buy a certain item to get the discount. If you have something specific on your list, there’s a better chance to save some money. 

4. Grab “Personalized Price” coupons.

This is part of VONS’ overall coupons strategy, but I feel like it deserves a special mention all its own.  

VONS has coupons for specific items as well. But instead of being a certain amount off – like .50 or a dollar – you get a “personalized price.” This means VONS will offer you coupons tailored to your shopping patterns in order to save you the most money. These vary by item and price so that each shopper gets deals unique to them.

For example, I had a coupon for $2.40 for a jar of Skippy peanut butter, which is normally $3.79. Or Kellogg Eggo waffles for only $2.19 – normally priced at $3.33. But yours may be different – do you buy a different brand of peanut butter, or maybe you like pancakes instead? You may see offers for those in your account.

This is honestly one of my favorite things about VONS couponing. The personalized coupons help stretch your dollar on the items you love! 

5. Reap more rewards when you accumulate points.

So all that saving you’re doing when you’re using those coupons? The dollars you do spend on qualifying purchases go towards rewards points. And when you accumulate enough points, use them to save even more! 

Here’s how it works:

  • Shop!
  • You’ll earn one point for each $1 spent on qualifying purchases
  • Buying a gift card? 2 points per dollar!
  • There are other special offers along the way where you can buy items and get even more points (we’ll have an example of that soon)!

Once you get to 100 Points, you get one reward! (Every 100 points in another reward!)

And what can you get with those rewards? 

  • Gas discounts – 1 reward is good for .10 off per gallon of gas. You can use up to two rewards at certain gas stations (for .20 off per gallon). Getting gas at a VONS fuel center? Snag up to $1 off – you can use as much as 10 rewards there!
  • Discounted or FREE grocery items. A look at your rewards page will show you the different offers available depending on how many Rewards you have. For example (NOTE: these are EXAMPLES, they will most likely vary by customer and timeframe):
  • 1 Reward can get you a FREE bag of private label hamburger or hotdog buns, or TWO boxes of private label pasta.
  • If you don’t see anything you want for free, they also have $2 off an in-store bakery purchase or $1 off your next purchase.
  • The more rewards, the more your savings stack up. My rewards page had offers available where you could use up to seven rewards (FYI, 7 rewards gets you $10 off your next purchase).

NOTE: By the way, for the “dollars off your purchase” offers, you only have to buy as much as the offer is good for. Meaning: the 7rewards offer above had $10 off your purchase – but that purchase could be as low as $10. That’s FREE!

This is a great way to earn some rewards on products you’ll probably be buying anyway, so don’t miss out!

6. Club Card deals.

If you have an online account (and you should!) there are also things called Club Card specials. You have access to these and the just for U program. There are some pretty great things on here! Discounts on alcohol (one recent offer was 750ML of Don Julio Tequila Reposado for $55.54. Regular price was $65.99).

They also have deals on items like toilet paper and batteries. Check often to see what you can find!

7. Check out Promo code deals

VONS has promo code offers! The most recent review had offers such as “save $5 when you spend $15 on certain items.” These will most likely change over time, so check back often!

8. Buy One, Get One Free deals!

One of my favorite things! If you buy two of these products, you’ll get the price of the equal or less value product FREE!

There’s not much more to say here about that – just check it out!

9. Download the app!

Want to manage these insane savings in the palm of your hand? Then you clearly need the app! It’s the best way to keep track of your savings on the go.  

You can even order your groceries through the app – select pickup or delivery or make your list and shop in-store! It’s available for both Apple and Google Play, so there’s no reason not to download and start saving.

10. Use other money-saving apps to find the very best deals!

VONS isn’t the only app you can use to save money while shopping there. If you’ve been around here a while, then you know about Ibotta. One of the foremost savings apps around, Ibotta snags deals across a myriad of retailers – and you KNOW that includes VONS.

Recently, Ibotta offered 2% back on ANY mobile purchase! This is IN ADDITION TO the various items available with cash back. For example, .75 off Halo Top ice cream and .50 Kraft Shredded sharp cheddar.

If you haven’t already, download Ibotta on Apple or Google Play

11. You can “stack” coupons!

Okay, this is another one of my favorites. I checked with a rep to make sure, and they confirmed what I had hoped: if you have a VONS coupon, and a coupon from a manufacturer – You. Can. Stack. Them!

That Eggo coupon I mentioned above? If I have another Eggo coupon from the manufacturer, I can use both at once! (AND accumulate REWARDS POINTS!)

So many grocery stores don’t offer this opportunity, so this is pretty special.

Just a callout that it has to be one STORE coupon and ONE manufacturer coupon, and if the total discount is more than the item’s cost, they don’t give you cash back for it. 

12. Buy a gift card – GET MORE POINTS.

YOU GUYS. I came across this while learning about the just for U program. Remember when I said there were sometimes other offers allowing you to get more points? This is it! 

VONS offers several gift cards. You’ll see them where you go to “clip” your digital coupons. Recently they had a digital coupon for gift card purchases, and … they gave you extra points.

And not just twice the points referenced earlier.

My friends…. You could get TEN TIMES the points!


For example, buy a “Happy Treats” gift card for $50, and you’ll get an awesome 500 POINTS!

Buy a gift card for someone you want to celebrate and celebrate yourself with some extra points! 

Or buy the gift card for yourself and treat yourself. If you’re going to a restaurant, etc. anyway, might as well get some extra benefit from it!

Not sure how often this deal is available, but keep an eye out because that is some BIG SAVINGS.

Speaking of gift cards….

13. Snag a VONS gift card online for cheaper than the face value!

A quick search online will yield plenty of opportunities to snag a gift card for cheap. For example, Gift Inventory recently had a $50 VONS gift card available for $48.25 – that’s a 3.5% discount.

Check out CardCash, too – they had the same deal as above. It’s a good idea to search around and see what all you can find online. These are only two of many similar sites that will have great deals to help stretch your dollar even more at VONS.

14. Don’t miss their weekly ads!

VONS brings a lot of their deals to you through their weekly ads, so make sure to check them out. Recently they offered a FREE Hormel side dish with an 8-pc chicken purchase from their deli!

There were also some Buy One, Get One FREE offers, and one of my favorites:

The FAB 5! If you buy any 5 of a group of items, you get them for a discount!

Recently they offered a mix of Kellogg’s products (Rice Krispies Treats, Cereals, and Pop-Tarts) for a mere $1.69 each when at least 5 were purchased!

15. Get your wedding flowers from VONS and save vs paying a florist!

Ready to say, “I do,” but the cost of everything has you stressed? One thing you won’t have to worry about is paying too much for beautiful flowers for your big day.

The average bridal bouquet can easily cost you around $250 – and you’re just getting started! Bridesmaid bouquets can easily run around $80 each, to say nothing of centerpieces, boutonnieres, and more.

Fortunately, with VONS you can order from a wide selection of lovely flowers and choose from many different packages to suit your needs. 

For example, you can grab a Bridal Bouquet and a boutonniere for only $159.99 – saving so much cash while still having the look you want! It doesn’t end there – go simple with a small order, or order larger packages, which can include custom flower arrangements and more!

These are not your average flowers, either – they are grown on farms with Rainforest Alliance certification and hand-picked for each order.

16. Check out the VONS family of brands for quality at a lower cost.

VONS doesn’t sleep on providing quality for a low cost, and yet another way they prove it is through their private brand labels:

Look to Signature Care for all of your health and hygiene needs, Primo Taglio for high-quality meats and cheeses, and O Organics for the very best in Organic groceries. These are only a few of the brands you can find at VONS – so don’t miss out on these.

These brands give you the quality you deserve, at a price you can afford!

For example, if you’re looking for organic brown eggs, you can snag Egglands Best Organic Brown eggs for $5.69/dozen. Definitely a good quality brand, but the O Organics rang in at $5.49.

17. Are you a fan of having groceries delivered? Check out their Delivery Service Club (and get $20 off your first order)!

Grocery shopping is a necessary but sometimes exhausting activity. Fortunately, many grocery stores have or work with delivery services, enabling you to get what you need from the comfort of your own home. VONS is no different, and if you like to have groceries delivered often, consider signing up for the VONS Delivery Club!

It’s easy: for a monthly fee of $14.99/month or $99 for a year, VONS will deliver all grocery orders over $30 for FREE.

You know we like saving money, so we’d recommend the $99 per year plan – that comes out to an average of about $8.25 per month.

If you like or need your groceries delivered, it’s definitely worth looking into. If you’re unsure, VONS starts you out with a 30-day FREE trial.  

BONUS TIP: They’ll ALSO take $20 off the first subscription order!

18. Use DriveUp & Go for FREE!

Don’t want to pay for delivery? If you’d rather skip the shopping trip and pick up the groceries yourself, take advantage of their FREE curbside pickup service!

They make it so easy – just purchase your groceries online/in the app and select a time. A VONS Shopper will get them for you. When you get there, park in the DriveUp & Go parking spot and call the number. An associate will bring your order right out and load everything for you.

Did we mention it’s FREE?!  

Other Reward Points Facts

Here are a couple of other facts we wanted to mention about the Reward Points:

  • Use them on gas AND grocery.  Points are points, and you can use them on whatever you want. 
  • The just for U savings work for delivery and pickup!
  • Points do expire, so keep an eye on them to make sure you don’t miss out!

Final Thoughts

So there you have it – VONS is one of the best-loved grocery chains, and it’s easy to see why. A lot of grocers work to save you money, but it’s fair to say that VONS takes it to the next level.

Between its just for rewards points, personalized deals, and more, there are nearly endless ways to save! Now that you’ve read through these hacks, you can maximize your savings even further. With VONS, you can stretch your dollar while getting everything you need!

Emma Denner is a koopy.com contributor and blogger in the Midwest. She loves writing, watching true crime shows, and drinking Diet Coke. When she’s not doing those things, she’s spending time with her husband and obsessing over her dog, Sadie.

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