13 Ways to Save on Converse Shoes

Did you know that Converse has been pretty much the same since 1917? Or that they were the preferred shoes of the NBA in the1960s? These beloved shoes have been a part of American culture for generations but they come with a hefty price tag. 

You don’t need to pay full price, however, when there are so many Converse sales happening online and in-store, all year round. 

Here are 13 tips and tricks on how to save on Converse, year-round:

1. Converse shoes are always on sale during Back to School sales, sometimes up to 60% off.

Did you know many retailers including, but not limited to, Converse.com and Nordstrom Rack have back-to-school sales that include Converse shoes?  These back-to-school sales can add up to 60% in savings. 

Always check in-store and online retailers around July and August to find great deals!

2. Get Black Friday deals on Converse for an extra 25% off clearance.

The Monday before Black Friday, Converse offers an extra 25% off of their clearance prices. If something catches your eye, you could save quite a bit! You can find some of their low tops priced as low as $18.  

Generally, these deals last from Friday through Sunday for Black Friday weekend, but it’s recommended to shop early Friday to get the best selection and sizes. 

Sales start at midnight, so stay up late or set an alarm because items go fast during these sales and there may be additional discounts for early birds!

3. Shop childrens’ Converse if you are a smaller size.

If you have a shoe size under a men’s 7 or a women’s 8.5 you can save money by purchasing children’s Converse shoes! Converse are unisex shoes, that list both men’s and women’s sizes on the box but they also make their classic styles in children’s sizes.  

There will be a limited selection as their children’s sizes include only their classic shoes but who doesn’t love a classic? 

Children’s sizes are already priced lower so you can save even more during sales.  To figure out your children’s size, subtract 2 from your normal size. The classic design is the same so no one will be able to tell that the shoes are children’s Converse, unless you tell them.

4. Shop during Nike’s Friends and Family Sale for an extra 30% off

Nike has friends and family sales every February and July.  During this time, if you find a pair of Converse on sale, it will be discounted another 30%.  

If you download the Nike app, you’ll receive the 30% off coupons as friends and family discount, plus free shipping, by signing up for the Nike plus account. 

The best part is that the Nike plus account is free. You can shop both in-store or at Nike.com to get this discount.

5. Converse.com offers 60-70% savings a couple of times a month.

If you buy on Converse.com, there are generally promo codes available a couple of times a month. Look online to find promo codes for 60-70% off. Search for Converse deals to find current promotions. 

6. Converse has a sale section on their site. 

You can find amazing deals in the sale section of the online Converse store.  I linked the Women’s sale page first, but there is a page for Men and Children as well. 

You may not find the exact pair you are looking for, but if you are a bit flexible on the design, you could save big!

7. 6pm.com has 60% off designer Converse at least once a month all year round.

Zappos.com has a sister site called 6pm.com that is for discounted designer shoes.  This is a great place to save on designer brands, including Converse. On 6pm.com  you can find some crazy deals on Jack Purcells, sometimes upwards of 70%!  

It never hurts to check these sites as you may find something you didn’t even know you needed!

Shopping here requires patience. Sizing can be an issue on this site as well as their selection, so check back often!  

8. Sign up for retailer loyalty programs and use points to buy Converse shoes.

Some examples of stores with loyalty programs are:

  • Dicks Sporting Goods – Join ScoreCard and you’ll earn one point per dollar spent.  You’ll earn a $10 award once you  spend $300.
  • DSW – You will get 1 point for every dollar spent and a $5 reward when you reach 100 points. 
  • Kohls – Earn Kohl’s cash on purchases that you can then use to buy Converse shoes.
  • Famous Footwear – JOin Famous Footwear’s Famously You Rewards to get 5% back overall on purchases. You will earn $5 for every 100 points, like Dicks. 

There are many, many more sneakers sites that offer loyalty programs, so always check with sites if they have a loyalty program and always sign up if they do!

9. Know the Brand.

Did you know that Jack Purcells are Converse?  And Converse 70s are also Converse shoes?  There are many different special edition Converse that comes out each year.  Some get a hefty price tag for the exclusivity. They all go on sale at some point or another during the year.  Knowing what you are looking for is the key to finding the best deals out there!

10. Look for Clear the Rack sales at Nordstrom Rack.

Nordstrom’s sister store, Nordstrom Rack has a monthly “clear the rack’ sale to allow for new inventory.  You can find Converse for 70% off during these sales.  The selection may be limited and sizing isn’t always going to work, but when it does, you can get a pair of Converse sneakers for as low as $15!  

Remember, this sale happens once every month, so check back often to see if the styles you are looking for making it to the sales rack. 

It never hurts to check.  You may find a hidden gem!

11. Check sneaker consignment stores like Flight Club.

Flight club and other sneaker consignment stores carry some of the rarest sneakers in the world.  Find that pair of vintage Chucks from the 1960s that you never thought you would own on sites like this.  

Flight club does not offer a traditional field for coupon codes during checkout, but the company is constantly promoting new deals and discounts that are automatically applied to orders.

Check their site for a banner up top for savings and offers for free shipping. You can also follow Flight Club on social media and subscribe to their newsletter to stay up to date on the latest promotions.

12. Check Converse and Retailer Social Media for exclusive deals.

More and more, retailers such as Nordstrom Rack, Kohls, Target, DSW, and more use social media to promote their sales first. Follow their pages on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to be in the know.  Shopping when the sale first opens allows you to get the best selections and fits.

Also, look out for social media contests and giveaways to get gift cards, shoes, or cash. These generally ask you to follow the account and tag a friend so ask a couple of friends if they are interested in saving and if they are, start tagging on as many contests and giveaways that you can.  While this isn’t a guaranteed way to save, since you have to win,  the more you tag the better your odds will be.

These contests do not usually have a limit to the number of people you can tag and most offer an entry per tag.  

13. Search multiple retailers for the same shoe and price match for the lowest price. 

A lot of retailers will match prices to the lowest price found. Find the lowest price for your Converse shoe and if you can’t find your size, try to match the price with another retailer.  

Nordstrom will do this as long as you can show where the lower price is listed.  Some other retailers that price match is Kohls, Macy’s, Dick’s Sporting Goods, and many more.  

This is an easy way to find your size, in the Converse shoe that you want, at a lower cost.  

Price matching can save you upwards of 50%!  Even sneaker consignment stores will price match another sneaker consignment store. It never hurts to ask, just be sure you can show where you found the discounted Converse!

14. Ready, Set, Shop!

As you can see, there are plenty of ways to save on Converse sneakers.  It just takes a little bit of time to find big savings! Now that you have some tricks to save, never pay full price, no matter what time of year.  

All it takes is a  bit of time and patience searching on the web for steep discounts on your favorite Converse shoes. It’s time to get out there and save.  

Let us know what you think of these tips and tricks in our comments section. Happy hunting!

Koopy Editorial is the Koopy.com in-house team of money savings enthusiasts that are on a mission to bring the Koopy.com community the best money-saving hacks, helpful buying guides, and awesome deals!

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