Zara Return Policy – How Confusing is It?

Zara sells today’s hottest trends and is a popular store in-person and online, but what’s the Zara return policy?

Some say it’s confusing and hard to navigate. So we’ve dug deep into the details to help make sense of making returns at Zara.

Here’s what we know about the Zara return policy in-store and online. 

Does Zara Accept Returns?

The good news is, yes, you can return products bought at Zara. The bad news is they are somewhat picky about what they’ll allow you to return and how you return it.

If you bought the item online, you have 30 days from the shipping date to return it, according to the Zara return policy online. So this means you have approximately 25 days to return it because shipping and processing take a few days. Pay close attention to the shipping date and try the clothes on immediately to decide if you’re keeping them.

If you bought the item in-store, you have 30 days from the date of purchase according to the Zara return policy in-store. 

What Items Cannot be Returned?

Here’s where it gets more challenging. Zara has a lot of exceptions to its return policy.

  • Swimwear must have the hygiene strips still attached
  • Women’s undergarments must have all tags attached and be in the same bag they were provided
  • Men’s undergarments may not be returned
  • Kid’s undergarments may not be returned except undershirts, socks, tights, and bodysuits
  • Pajamas may only be returned if they include the tags and bag they were sold in
  • Accessories must have the bag they were sold in and all cardboard must be intact
  • Fragrances must be sealed (unused)
  • Cosmetics must be sealed (unused)
  • Personalized items may not be returned 

Do you Need a Receipt for the Zara Return Policy?

You need proof of purchase to return items to Zara, which is usually a receipt, but they offer other options too.

  • Zara will accept a receipt on your phone. They’ll accept either an emailed receipt or store receipts you show on your phone.
  • A printed copy of your receipt for online purchases is acceptable.
  • You can also use your Zara QR code in the Zara app if you purchased online.

This only applies if you’re returning an item in store. If you’re shipping the item back to Zara, they’ll have a record of the purchase because you placed the order online. 

Other Ways to get your Receipt

If you don’t have a paper receipt and shopped online, Zara has a few other ways to prove your purchase.

  • Log into your account and click the option to view your electronic receipt. Print a copy to bring to the store or have it ready on your phone.
  • If you don’t have a account, check the email confirmations sent when you bought the item and click the link to view your receipt. 

Where can you Return Zara Products?

If you bought your items in store, you can return them at any Zara store in your market or region. Just bring the items and the receipt to your local store and head to the register to process the return.

You don’t have to do anything before heading to the store if you bought the items in store.

You can also return items purchased on at your local store, free of charge as long as you have proof of purchase. 

Where can you Return Items Bought on

If you want to ship the items back to, you must bring them to a designated drop point. In most areas, this means a FedEx location. It can be an official FedEx store or a FedEx inside a retail store, such as Office Depot or Walgreens.

Before you drop the items, you must complete a return request. In this case, you don’t need a printed receipt. However, you must process the return online before shipping it to Zara.

If you have a account, log in using your ID and password and look for the Returns section. If you checked out as a guest, click the returns link in the emails provided for the shipping confirmation.

Zara will deduct $3.95 from the refund to cover the return shipping cost.

How do you Package a Zara Return?

If you’re shipping the item to Zara, it’s best to reuse the box they shipped the items to you. If you don’t have it, you can use any properly sealed box. Make sure to attach the label provided to you when you process the return.

Also, ensure all products have their original tags and any bags or accessories included to process the return. 

How Long Do You Have to Process the Return?

The package must be dated before the 30-day point from the shipping date. Check your email confirmation so you know the cutoff date. 

Can you Return Gifts?

If you receive a gift from Zara that you don’t like, you can return it if it’s a returnable item, but here are the specifics.

  • If you want to receive the funds, you’ll receive a credit voucher for a future purchase. If you return the item in store, you’ll receive the voucher immediately and if you return by mail, you’ll receive the voucher via mail in a week or two.
  • You can have the funds reimbursed to the buyer if you have the original purchase invoice or receipt. 

Can you Return Items Paid for with a Gift Card?

If you paid for an item you return with a gift card, you’ll receive the money back on the same gift card. However, if you bought the item online, you’ll receive a virtual gift card with the balance to use on a future online purchase.

Let the associate know if you don’t have the original gift card and they’ll provide you with a Voucher card.

How Do You Return an iPod Order?

Some Zara stores have iPods that allow you to order products that aren’t in the store. The return policies are the same as if you bought online or in-store.

You can return the items to the Zara you bought them at or any other Zara store in your area. If you’d prefer to send the products back via mail, you can do that too, just make sure you’re within the 30-day window. 

How Do You Contact Customer Service?

Zara has great customer service options, with chat options available 24/7. You can chat with a customer service representative online, or call 1-855-635-9272 during the following hours:

  • Mon – Fri 8:30 AM to 7:30 PM ET
  • Saturday 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM ET

You can also reach Zara via their Facebook or Instagram by sending an instant message.

FAQs – Zara Return Policy Important Questions

Can you return items from multiple orders?

Zara allows you to bundle items from multiple orders into one return. Before you do, process the returns online with each in each order. When you complete your return request, specify how many packages you’ll send. If it’s possible to bundle everything in one package, they recommend it.

Does Zara provide a return label?

Yes, you cannot return your items unless you have a return label. Log into your account and process the return to get the label. If you don’t have an account, click the link in your confirmation email.

Do you have to have the tag?

Zara would prefer if the tag were attached to the items you return. This proves that you didn’t wear or use it. However, they will typically accept returns without the tag, but it’s helpful if you at least have it and include it in the package.

Does Zara refund shipping costs?

Zara only refunds shipping costs when returning the item because it’s defective. So if you’re returning it for any other reason, such as it doesn’t fit or you didn’t like it, you will get a refund minus the shipping charges.

Can you return sale items?

Fortunately, you can return most items you buy at Zara including sale items. The timeline is the same and unless the products fall under one of the restricted items, such as undergarments, unsealed fragrances or makeup, or pajamas without the tags attached, you can return them.

Final Thoughts – Zara Return Policy

The Zara return policy might seem confusing at first, but it’s not that difficult once you understand you have 30 days from the shipping date or date of purchase to return most items.

Certain items are restricted, which is the case at most stores, but those you can return must be in brand-new condition and it’s best if you have the tag attached. They won’t reimburse you for shipping and you’ll pay to ship items back, but you’ll get a refund the same way you paid.

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