14 Insider Tips to Save Money at Zara Every Time You Shop

Just because you have expensive taste doesn’t mean you need to break the bank every time you go shopping–if you shop at Zara.

Zara is great for shoppers on a budget who love that luxury look because the store offers great prices on quality items–which is way better than overpriced name-brand goods or cheap and flimsy fast fashion pieces. 

But shopping at Zara can be even cheaper with these 14 Zara savings tips.

1. Comb Through Zara’s Weekly Newsletter

Usually, retail employees are happy to let you in on the latest news about sales if you just ask–but Zara is different. Politely asking isn’t going to get you anywhere, but keeping up with Zara’s weekly newsletter will.

It’s typical for Zara to announce sales only one day in advance, so if you want to be in the know before the sales go live, you need to read your emails. And, unlike most fashion retailers, Zara won’t spam your inbox. You’ll only be notified of new arrivals and sales each week.

2. Watch for Signs of Sales

Not literally. Zara is fairly secretive when it comes to its sale dates, but there are some ways to tell when a sale is coming.

Like the eye before the storm, Zara employees must make way for new merchandise on the floor before an upcoming sale. Instead of hanging clothes up, employees will fold virtually all the clothing before they’re stacked horizontally onto racks.

This incoming wave of new products is a sign that a sale will come in the next few days. So, decide what you want then, but come back for it later. Your favorite finds are likely going to become specially priced items very soon.

3. Shop the Semi-Annual Sale and Never Pay Full Price

Now, when it comes to sales, Zara means business. That’s why you should hold out until the best deals come around.

Zara has a massive semi-annual sale that comes around once in June and once in December. If you can wait a few months to restock your closet, then do it. During these sales, everything that’s from older collections is marked down.

It’s not unusual to save up to 75%. When we’re talking about high-end clothing with $100+ sticker prices, a shopping spree at Zara could mean hundreds of dollars saved. 

Whether you’re shopping at Zara online or in-person, don’t pay full price for anything ever!

4. Find Discounts, Deals, and Coupons on Koopy.com

You can save even more money when you use a Zara promo code from Koopy.com. Koopy.com is one of the largest couponing sites in the world, with the latest and greatest deals on all your favorite retailers–including Zara!

Before you shop at Zara, head over to Koopy.com to find great savings opportunities at Zara and your other favorite retailers, too.

5. Wait 2-3 Weeks for the Best Discounts

Once a Zara sale finally drops, you might be so excited that you rush to the store on day one. Well, the best advice (backed by former and current Zara employees) is to wait a few weeks to do your shopping. Here’s why.

During the first week of a new sale, you’ll find discounts in the 10% to 25% range. On week two, the sale drops prices around 40% to 50%. And by week three, Zara is desperate to get rid of their old collection, so they drop prices up to 75%. Keep in mind that this sale strategy is only for in-store items.

While you’ll probably find that a lot of the hottest items are out of stock, you can rest assured that there will still be a lot of quality clothes left for you to choose from.

6. Shop After Work on Mondays

Now, if you’re someone who needs the latest fashion pieces as soon as they drop, you’ll end up paying full price sometimes. If that sounds like you, you should know that Zara always receives new arrivals on Mondays–both in-store and online.

So, if you want a chance to buy a new arrival before it’s out of stock, browse Zara on Mondays.

Although most items will be restocked, statement pieces that stand out like a vibrant summer dress or a unique winter coat aren’t likely to come back. So, if you need those pieces, grab them while you can.

7. Don’t Let “Out of Stock” Items Go

If you’ve fallen in love with an item that’s out of stock, don’t worry. Because it’s going to be back in stock soon. Zara always restocks their products, and if you have the product in mind that you want, you can buy it for half off (or more!) during a sale.

Just save the link to the product you want, keep an eye out for restocks and returns, and jump on it as soon as it comes back! You can even register for email notifications on Zara’s website to find out when specific out-of-stock items come back.

This method will save you the most money if you use it on expensive items like winter coats or designer shoes.

8. Get Basics at Zara

Zara is well known for its statement pieces, but it also has a collection of simple and affordable basics, like tank tops, tees, cardigans, jeans, jackets, and coats.

The best part about shopping at Zara is that these affordable basics will last forever–unlike similarly priced items at other fast-fashion retailers. And, no one will ever guess that they’re from last season.

9. Hunt Down Your Favorite Finds

We all know the struggle: You found the perfect item–but it’s actually not so perfect because your size is sold out or you’d like it in a different color. Or, you’re shopping online and have no idea if it will fit you or not.

Luckily, you can check in-store availability on your phone or computer. Just go onto Zara’s website, search for the product you want, and click “check in-store availability.” From there, the menu will prompt you to narrow down your search by size, style, and location.

Then, you can see an overview of which stores near you have your item and if they’re low in stock. This saving hack will save you time and money, so you don’t need to make unnecessary returns.

10. Don’t Sleep on Zara’s Leather

Just like Zara’s basics, Zara’s leather products are high-quality materials without high sticker prices, especially when you get them on sale.

Don’t buy leather goods at other fast-fashion retailers, like Forever 21, because you will be disappointed. Instead, buy something that will last forever (or close to it) at Zara. You’ll look just as fashionable, still save money, and add a timeless piece of clothing to your personal collection. 

11. Avoid Shipping Costs by Choosing In-Store Pickup

You’re not the only one who knows that Zara is one of the best fashion retailers, and that’s why shopping in-store at Zara can be a real nightmare. It can be tempting to avoid the crowd by ordering online and getting your items shipped right to your home, but the $4.95 shipping fees aren’t as alluring.

Skip the fees by having your order delivered to a nearby Zara for free. Then, just pop in the store to pick it up. That way, you can avoid the crowds and the shipping fees. Who said you can’t have the best of both worlds?

Want a pro tip? Try on your order while you’re still in the store. So, if you need to make any exchanges or returns, you don’t need to make another trip.

12. If You’re Petite, Shop in the Kids’ Section

Zara’s kids’ clothes and shoes run large–larger than most. And, they’re cheaper than adult clothing. If you’ll fit in the kids’ clothes, buy those instead! You’ll save money.

Don’t worry. No one will know that you’re wearing kids’ clothes either since Zara’s kids’ department mirrors the men’s and women’s departments. You can find great basics, shoes, and statement pieces for less just by browsing the kids’ section.

But, this saving tip will only work if you’re petite or close to it.

13. Watch Out for Stealthy Price Reductions

When one season changes over into the next, it’s common for Zara to reduce prices on basics like knitwear, shirts, and jeans without marketing them as sales. So, during transitional periods between seasons, pay attention to the price tags–not just the sales signs.

14. Become a Zara Employee (or Befriend One)

Zara employees receive a 25% discount on all Zara products, including ones that are one sale. As far as employee discounts go, Zara’s is one of the best.

Imagine that you’ve found the perfect pair of shoes, originally priced at $145. But, it’s on sale for 70% off ($36.25). Add an additional 25% off, and you’re only paying $27.19 and saving over $118. That deal alone is enough to make me want to work at Zara.

And, you can redeem this insider discount without working at Zara, as long as you have a friend on the inside. Befriend an employee or convince one of your friends to start working there, and you’re set with a solid 25% discount on everything sold at Zara.

You and your friends can apply to work at Zara here.

Zara FAQs

Where are Zara clothes from?

Zara is a Spanish retailer, and most of their clothes (about 50%) are produced in Spain. Zara runs about a dozen company-owned factories within Spain, Portugal, and Turkey–which is part of the reason why Zara clothing is such high-quality. However, Zara does outsource some of its manufacturing (about 24%) to Africa and China. The remaining 26% of their manufacturing takes place throughout Europe.

What’s so special about Zara, anyway?

Zara is widely popular in the US and abroad thanks to its reasonable prices, high-quality materials, and luxe fashion styles. But, Zara’s clothing isn’t the only reason it’s so successful. Zara’s marketing technique focuses on the consumer’s needs more than the brand’s needs, so the buyer’s experience from start to finish at Zara is always a good one.

Is Zara regarded as a luxury brand?

Zara is a fast-fashion retailer that can be compared to brands like Forever 21 and H&M. However, Zara’s fast-fashion clothing is made of significantly higher-quality materials with better craftsmanship and higher prices. Zara does sell luxury clothing, but Zara is not as notable as other luxury brands like Balenciaga, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, or Gucci. Zara is a clothing retailer in the middle ground between cheap, fast clothing and expensive, luxury clothing.

Who owns Zara?

Inditex, one of the world’s largest fashion groups, owns Zara, an international fashion company. Zara is Inditex’s flagship chain store. Inditex also owns and operates:

– Bershka
– Resto
– Pull&Bear
– Massimo Dutti
– Stradivarius
– Oysho
– Zara Home
– Uterque

Saving Money at Zara is Easy

You can save money at Zara every single time you shop–there’s no doubt about it. And the good news is that you can reference this list of 14 expert tips whenever it’s time to restock your closet with your favorite Zara finds.

Now, get out there and save serious money on Zara clothing that won’t break the bank (but looks like it will!).

Do you have more advice on how to save money at Zara? Leave a comment below to share the wealth!

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