13 Cancer Patients Freebies (2022 Updated) – Find Free Samples, Services & Benefits for Cancer Patients and Survivors

If you’re fighting cancer, or know someone who is, this list of free stuff for cancer patients is something that you’ll want to check out or pass on to a loved one. There is a wide variety of freebies available for cancer patients out there including grants and subsidies for treatments, free wigs, care packages, cleaning services, tax filing, and many more.

Freebies Make a Difference in the Lives of Cancer Patients

Fighting cancer can get expensive and many of these services offer grants or subsidies so you can get free or discounted travel to your medical appointments, haircuts, house cleaning services, help with your resume, and even reconstructive surgery. These can really help you save financially during this tough time.

While many of these freebies are made available to ease the financial burden that cancer can present, there are also freebies like a free tote bag filled with goodies and encouraging cards to brighten someone’s day. You’ll also find cancer freebies to help boost one’s moods like professional makeup and photography sessions, free hats, and even a free fly fishing trip.

This list of free stuff for cancer patients doesn’t just help financially or boost someone’s mood, many of them are about connection. Through fun trips to virtual makeup and skincare sessions, these provide patients, many of the time women who are fighting cancer, a place to make connections with other women who are or have gone through the same experiences.

You don’t necessarily need to be undergoing cancer treatment to qualify for these freebies. Some of the freebies are also for those in recovery. Often, caregivers and other loved ones can fill out these forms for the patient if they are unable. That way no one misses out on these valuable freebies.


Cancer Patients Freebies & Services FAQs

What resources are available to cancer patients?

Cancer patients don’t have to suffer alone. There are many resources including:

Can cancer patients get financial help?

There are many resources to help cancer patients with financial issues. There is help to get wigs, dental treatment, prescriptions, medical equipment, and even help at home if you live alone.

The Cancer Financial Assistance Coalition helps cancer patients cover costs like transportation to and from treatment, child care during treatment, money for help at home, or help affording your co-pays. 

What’s a good cancer care package?

Cancer patients need a lot of TLC. Anything that would make them comfortable is a great idea to put in a care package. Fuzzy socks, gum, hard candy, inspirational books, coloring books, chapstick, or items for their favorite hobbies are all great ideas.


Final thoughts

After you’ve checked out all the free stuff for cancer patients that are listed above, consider reaching out to your local community. Contact local cancer associations, support groups, churches, hospitals, and doctor’s offices. You may be able to pick up quite a few more freebies through local organizations. The American Cancer Society and Livestrong are two national organizations that have support groups and resources around the country. Also, just because you don’t see something offered doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t ask if it’s available. It never hurts to ask!

Looking for even more free stuff? Keep checking back because this page will continuously be updated with the newest in free stuff for cancer patients and those in recovery.

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