20 Beautiful Ways to Save at The Body Shop That Go Beyond Promo Codes

Lately, I’ve been trying to be a better steward of the environment. I’ve limited my purchasing until I’m completely out of something. One thing I’ve noticed also helps me is stocking up when I do buy, so it limits the amount of shipping and packaging that arrives on my doorstep.

I’ve also been doing more research into the brands I support, and I’ve come across The Body Shop quite a few times. They have many vegan products and are against animal testing. They’ve also stood up against trafficking and look to put money back into the environment, as well.

With money needing to be stretched further lately, I’ve also had to be conscientious about how much I’m actually spending on my needs….er, wants. It’s ok to buy something you want, but it’s pertinent to do so wisely. And that means buying those wants not at full price.

I found a lot of ways to save at The Body Shop. Keep reading to learn how you can save more at The Body Shop, too!

1. Hit the End of Summer Sale for Up to 60% Off

I’ll admit, I timed this one perfectly. Around August or September, The Body Shop has a major sale, and it has a lot of great products! I purchased 2 full-size body scrubs and two small gift sets for my teenage nieces, all for $40. 

I was really impressed with what they had going on sale, everything from skincare to haircare to gift sets. And the sale was neatly organized online so I could shop by category and filter by exactly what I was looking for. 

Check out the End of Summer Sale at The Body Shop to save up to 60% off!

2. Navigate to the Promotions Tab on the Site

Most retailers have sale items jumbled around or make you dig to find a great deal. Not The Body Shop! If you navigate to their promotions tab, you can see the terms and conditions for sales. This also means you can see sales and promotions listed out nicely and neatly.

You can also evaluate if you qualify for more than one deal, and which is the best way for you to make your purchase online or in-store. You may even do well making different purchases under different promotions on different days. 

With a little research, you can nail a great deal in the Promotions tab.

3. Purchase a Refill Bottle and Refill in Stores

As part of the initiative to do better for the environment, The Body Store has offered refill sites and select locations in stores. This means you can save money on shipping, and may even get a better price per ounce.

You can purchase a bottle for $3.00, and then refill it as you run out. This is also a great way to try different shampoos and body washes – all without having multiple bottles taking up space in your shower. Try the refill station at The Body Shop!

4. Join the Love Your Body Club

The Love Your Body Club is The Body Shop’s loyalty rewards program, and it’s a pretty good one. It has some great perks:

  • Get 1 point for every $1 you spend
  • For every 100 points, receive a $10 coupon
  • Receive invites for members-only parties and sneak peek events
  • A Birthday Reward Coupon for $10
  • It’s Easy to Sign up!

Don’t leave money on the table at one of the best body care shops around – join the Love Your Body Club and start racking up points today!

5. Host an Event With an Independent Body Shop Consultant

Wait, what’s this?! We can have events with a Body Shop Consultant? This is one of the best ways to save money on The Body Shop, in my opinion. The Body Shop at Home is an initiative to allow Independent Consultants to sell The Body Shop products.

If you’re not up for running your own body care business, that’s ok, you can still benefit from this! The Body Shop independent consultants need your business, and they want you to host an event with all of your friends and family.

What’s in it for you? You can get up to $240 in free products, depending on how much is sold at your party. Free Products from The Body Shop! And, you get to have a good time while doing so. And they like to sprinkle in free samples, as well.

You can even host these parties online. If you love The Body Shop, look at hosting an event to receive free products!

6. Take Advantage of the Student Discount

Most stores are seeing the advantage of providing student discounts, and The Body Shop is no different. Save 15% when you provide proof of enrollment and let that Student Discount put money back in your pocket!

7. Ask for a Gift Card

Whether it’s mothers’ day, your birthday, or the holidays, why not ask for what you really want: a Body Shop Gift Card! To really rack up savings, you can use the gift card on a sale, discounts, or with your birthday coupon! 

You can really save money on The Body Shop when you utilize gift cards!

8. Become a Body Shop Influencer and Affiliate

While the numbers are hard to come by here in the US, you can get a commission for becoming an influencer or affiliate. Being an affiliate means your content contains links that encourage users to shop, and you receive a commission.

Being an influencer is good if you have a large following of 100,000 or more followers, and you can receive money for promoting their products. If you love The Body Shop products, these are two great options to consider.

9. Look at the Sitemap for Offers

Much like the promotions tab, the Sitemap on The Body Shop also lists out sales and promotions going on at the moment. It’s a great way to organize your products to see what your best deal may be! Check out the sitemap to see what’s on sale!

10. Click and Collect to Keep your Cart Clear

If you are an impulse shopper and have problems treating yourself while keeping to your budget, you may save money using Click and Collect! You can order online and arrange to pick it up in-store. They will have it bagged up and ready to go when you arrive!

11. Refer a Friend for a Discount

Sharing is caring, right? When you refer a friend to The Body Shop, they get 20% off their first order. Remember, you must register first to get the link to pass along for them to use. Once you do that, and they enter your name, they get their discount!

After they complete their order, you will receive a $10 discount on your next order of $40 or more. This only works if your friends haven’t placed an order before, but it’s a great reason to recruit your friends, isn’t it? Refer a friend to receive a discount!

12. Subscribe and Save More Money

The Body Shop also offers nice perks if you Subscribe for their products. You can save 15% on your scheduled orders, get free delivery for orders over $25, and receive points if you’re a member of the Love Your Body Club. 

This is a great option that allows you to save money and time! Get regular discounts on your favorite products with Subscribe and Save!

13. Check Out Duty Free at the Airport

While this is a hit-or-miss option, if you fly internationally, you can buy products duty free at airports. Depending on what you buy, this can save you a nice chunk of change! This only works if your destination has a Body Shop, but it’s worth considering!

14. Buy on Your Birthday

Who doesn’t love a nice birthday surprise!? The Body Shop gives you $10 off with a Birthday coupon on your special day! Use it within a month and pair it with a gift card for more savings!

15. Take Advantage of Free Shipping

If you’re looking at your cart and realize you’re under $40, take a few minutes to see what else you can buy for yourself or someone else. Don’t pay shipping costs when something you need could tip your amount into the “Free Shipping” category. Get free shipping to save money!

16. Join the Email List for 15% Off

When you sign up for emails and their newsletter,  you can get a coupon for 15% off! You can always unsubscribe, but staying on the email list means you’ll have coupons sent straight to your inbox! It makes saving on future purchases a lot easier!

17. Shop the Clearance Shelf In Store

While it’s true that online deals are easy to spot and you can even find major sales online, remember that the stores have limited space, and thus, really get a chance to mark things on clearance. Check out your local Body Shop to see what’s on clearance to save money!

18. Look for Buy 2 Get 1 Free Deals

The Body Shop is known for promotions like their Buy 2, Get 1 Free deals that mean you can pay a reduced price and stock up on your favorites. This is a great option if you are trying to limit the frequency of your purchases or want to reduce shipping.

19. Try Samples Before You Buy

There are a few different ways to sample products from The Body Shop. First, you can try sampling the goods when you’re visiting a store. They have opened bottles of most products that you can try (hello, hand creme!). 

Even for things like shampoos and conditioners that you can’t try in-store, you can open and give a sniff to see if you really like the scent. Who knows, you may be really turned off by grapefruit but may love Tea Tree oil? You may just surprise yourself!

Another way to try a sample is to keep your eyes peeled when placing online orders and see what happens when your cart goes above $50. Just today I noticed the option for a free sample when I went over $50 that seemed to disappear when I dropped down to $43.

This is not an official rule, but they’re more apt to offer more samples with the more products you purchase. And, don’t be afraid to ask when you’re in the store for a few to take home! Knowing what you like ahead of time can save money by ensuring you use what you purchase!

20. Plan your Shopping Around Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Another way to save money on The Body Shop products is to plan your holiday shopping around Black Friday or Cyber Monday. This is a great time to stock up on gifts for family and friends or to buy yourself a few things to get you through winter.

Take advantage of the huge markdowns on Black Friday and save yourself a bit of money on some awesome products.

FAQs on Saving Money at The Body Shop

How do I get the best price at The Body Shop?

You can get fantastic deals year-round at The Body Shop, however, hitting their end-of-summer Sale and Black Friday sale are two places to start. Be on the lookout for 2-for-1 deals and check out their clearance in the store, as well.

How do I refer a friend to The Body Shop?

You can refer a friend by setting up an account and then telling your friend the name of your account; your friend will get 20% off, but it must be their first order. Once they complete their order, you will receive $10 towards a purchase of $40 or more.

Is The Body Shop Vegan?

The Body Shop carries a lot of vegan skincare products! They have pushed to stop animal testing in cosmetics and strive to be good stewards of the environment as well.

Does The Body Shop have coupons?

Yes! You can find promo codes and coupons for The Body Shop at reputable sites all around. Make sure to search for a coupon or promo code before you shop to save more!

How to Save Money at The Body Shop

There are a ton of ways to save at The Body Shop that often surpass other retailers. Whether you refer friends, shop the sales, or use a coupon, you can definitely save money and get great beauty products, too.

If you really love scented soaps, candles and shampoos, check out how to save at Bath and Body Works!

Leslie Roberts is an experienced writer, Salesforce consultant, and koopy.com contributor from North Carolina who enjoys writing about a variety of topics and hates overpaying for things. She also loves traveling, spending lots of time outdoors, and reading.

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