13 Ways to Save Money at Ticketmaster Like a Pro

You want to attend your favorite concert or event, but when you see the price of tickets, you quickly change your mind.

I’ve been there, so I get it! The price of tickets usually isn’t the big issue, but rather the fees they add to them. But I’ve uncovered the top secrets to saving money on Ticketmaster tickets that most people don’t realize is possible.

If you’re ready to save money on your next ticket event, keep reading to learn more. 

1. Become a verified fan to buy tickets early

Did you know Ticketmaster releases tickets to Verified Fans a few days before they go on sale to the general public?

Did you also know that anyone can be a Verified Fan? You just have to sign up early so Ticketmaster can verify your information, ensuring you aren’t a scalper or robot. If they can verify the information you provided, they’ll send you a link and a code to buy tickets before everyone else.

You have a much better chance at getting cheaper tickets during the presale versus any other time. The tickets are limited though, so log in as early as possible for the best deals.

2. Buy tickets the day they go on sale to the general public

If you miss the Verified Fan opportunity or they don’t send you a link, be one of the first to log in to Ticketmaster to buy tickets the day they go on sale to the general public.

Snagging tickets before the scalpers and robots do will ensure you pay face value for tickets versus the inflated prices resellers charge closer to the day of the event. If you’ve ever tried buying tickets on general sale days, you know how fast the tickets can go. Log in early and get in the virtual waiting room for the best chances at snagging tickets. 

3. Check the Ticketmaster deals page

Ticketmaster has a page dedicated to deals. On this page you may find:

  • 2 for 1 deals
  • 4-pack tickets (Me +3)
  • Tickets under $40

Filter the events by your location or preferred artist to see if any deals are available in your area. 

4. Look for Ticketmaster coupons

Believe it or not, Ticketmaster often shares coupon codes for fans to save money on tickets. Check popular coupon websites like Koopy to get the latest promo codes like buy one get one free deal or percentage off your tickets. 

Coupons for Ticketmaster aren’t common, but when they do release them, they get used up fast, so don’t wait!

5. Sign up for a Ticketmaster subscription

Because the best deals go to fans who buy their tickets early, it pays to sign up for the Ticketmaster email subscription. You’ll be the first to know about upcoming sales and can get your tickets the day they go on sale.

This is also a great way to know when you should sign up to be a Verified Fan for specific events you want to attend. The window of opportunity is short to sign up and it’s usually first come first serve. They only release a limited number of presale tickets, so you want to be one of the first in on the action.

6. Download the Ticketmaster app

If you have a smartphone, download the Ticketmaster app. You’ll occasionally receive promo codes and discount opportunities exclusive to app users. The app is also a great way to get notified of upcoming shows or tickets being released so you can be sure to buy tickets the day they go on sale to avoid increased ticket prices. 

7. Check for discounts from your memberships

Certain memberships provide Ticketmaster discounts. Not all membership discounts work on all tickets, though, so always read the fine print.

You’ll know if there are special offers available for certain groups by clicking on ‘type’ when you are in the event you want to purchase tickets. You can filter the type by military or student, for example.

8. Get an American Express card

Some American Express cardholders can buy tickets on a presale at a discount or they offer discount codes. American Express often offers discounts or presale opportunities for cardholders. You just have to log into your American Express account through Ticketmaster to have access to the discounts.

If you have an American Express rewards card, you may even earn points that you can redeem for tickets versus paying cash for them.

9. Buy your tickets at the box office

This option isn’t available in every location, so check with your local box office first, but if you can buy tickets at your local box office, you save the Ticketmaster fees and there are plenty of them!

Usually, when you buy tickets at the box office, you skip most of the fees they charge online, but there are always exceptions. Ask at your local box office how much you might save buying your tickets there rather than online.

10. Get e tickets

You don’t need paper tickets to get into shows and concerts anymore. If you choose e-tickets or mobile tickets, Ticketmaster doesn’t charge a print and ship fee, which saves you even more money on your tickets.

Just remember to charge your phone and either has the Ticketmaster app downloaded to show your ticket or print your emailed tickets and bring them to the event.

11. Buy tickets from friends or family last minute

If you have friends or family who can’t use their tickets last minute, they’ll likely ask for a lower price for the tickets than you would have paid if you bought them from Ticketmaster.

Keep an eye out for such offers, but make sure the tickets are from someone you trust and not a stranger who may be trying to scam you for money.

12. Sell tickets you can’t use

Life happens and sometimes we can’t make the events we bought tickets for, but you can sell them. If you don’t have friends or family who want to buy the tickets or you want to get a higher price for them, you can sell them directly on Ticketmaster’s website as a Verified Seller

13. Look for tickets last minute

Sometimes Ticketmaster releases additional tickets right before an event or they even lower the prices of leftover tickets that they couldn’t sell originally. As it gets closer to the event, check back daily to see what opportunities are available. 

FAQ – Ways to Save Money at Ticketmaster

Can you get scammed on Ticketmaster?

It’s always best to buy your tickets directly from Ticketmaster and avoid scalpers or third-party websites. Even if you pay more for tickets because you bought resold tickets from someone who bought them already, Ticketmaster has your back and you are less likely to get scammed. If you are scammed, alert Ticketmaster right away of the issue.

Is it better to buy tickets at the Ticketmaster box office?

It’s a little inconvenient to have to drive to the Ticketmaster box office, but it can save you quite a bit of money. You won’t pay the fees they charge to handle the ticket buying online and that means more than just the shipping fees. If you look at the breakdown of the Ticketmaster fees, you’ll see how much they charge in addition to the ticket prices – it’s quite high.

Does Ticketmaster have coupons?

Believe it or not, Ticketmaster does have coupons. You can find the deals right on their website or on third-party coupon websites, like Koopy. Always make sure you’re using a trusted website when copying promo codes, though. There are plenty of sites that don’t offer legitimate codes.

Does Ticketmaster have insurance?

Yes, it’s an extra charge, but you can buy insurance on your tickets. The insurance covers illnesses, accidents, airline delays, and more. Always read the fine print to see what it covers, though, to make sure you’ll have coverage for what you anticipate may stop you from going to the event.

Final Thoughts – Ways to Save Money at Ticketmaster

It’s not as hard as it seems to save money at Ticketmaster. The key is in planning and knowing where to find coupon codes. If you’re buying tickets to a hot show, you likely won’t find coupons, but getting on the Verified Fan list will help you get the cheapest tickets.

If you’re attending a less popular event, you may get lucky enough to get buy one get one free ticket or a percentage off your order. Always search for coupon codes before buying Ticketmaster tickets if you are buying them for a less popular event because chances are there is a deal out there.

Koopy Editorial is the Koopy.com in-house team of money savings enthusiasts that are on a mission to bring the Koopy.com community the best money-saving hacks, helpful buying guides, and awesome deals!

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