23 Ways To Get Up To 25% Off New Balance Shoes and Gear!

When it comes to popular athletic apparel and footwear, New Balance is one of the most recognizable brands around. But, we all know what happens when brands become more noticeable – they get more expensive!

New Balance is as popular amongst seniors looking for a good pair of walking shoes as it is for young athletes training on the court. However, as great as the clothes and shoes may be, we all know how prices have increased dramatically for full-priced apparel. 

Don’t pay full price for gear when you don’t have to! There are ways you can save up to 25% off regularly – how great is that?! But let’s not stop there – here we will take a look at all of the ways you can save money on New Balance!

1. Use a Promo Code

Let’s start our savings plan off simply here: you should be looking for promo codes anytime you shop for just about anything, especially if it’s a well-known brand. Search online for New Balance Promo Codes to save big, and redeem your promo code at checkout.

Make sure the code has been applied before checkout and watch that price drop! While you’re using Promo Codes, make sure you’re signed up for rewards, too!

2. Join myNB Loyalty Rewards

Don’t miss out by forgetting to sign up for myNB Loyalty Rewards! There are a few benefits to signing up, such as free shipping every day of the year, a birthday coupon, and $5 off for every $100 spent. There has been a recent change worth mentioning, however.

New Balance no longer offers rewards points as of December 2021. While we’re disappointed we can no longer rack up points to use towards future purchases, it’s still worth signing up for the rewards program, since they may come up with a replacement program in the future.

Join myNB Rewards today!

3. Visit the Factory Outlet

If you’re looking to save money on your favorite New Balance sneakers, but don’t want to pay full price, visit a Factory Outlet near you! The factory outlet sells shoes with minor cosmetic flaws (aka factory seconds) and discontinued styles. 

If you catch wind of your favorite shoe being discontinued, go rack them up! Save on your favorite shoes by checking the factory outlet, first.

4. Shop the Semi-Annual Sale

Each Summer, New Balance has a semi-annual sale with some apparel and shoes marked down as much as 50% off. That’s a pretty big deal! Normally happening in June, it can also happen in late summer around August, as well. 

Mark your calendar ahead of time to check in for their sales, and don’t forget to Sign Up at the bottom of their homepage to make sure you catch wind of this big event (and other big events!) ahead of time.

5. Sign Up for Emails

While I don’t see evidence of a coupon being delivered to your inbox when you sign up for email alerts, this can still save you money. Signing up for emails means you find out about big sales like the semi-annual sale and can plan ahead.

Keeping an eye on New Balance emails is a great way to be “in the know” when it comes to scoring deals on your favorite brands.

6. Find Out if You Qualify for Special Discounts

Did you know that depending on your job, you can get 25% off your purchase? When you verify your ID and where you work, a promo code will be provided to use with your purchase.  Each promo code can only be used once, but you can reapply it in the future.

The promo code for 25% off is currently valid for the following professions:

  • College students
  • Teachers
  • Hospital employees
  • Nurses 
  • First responders
  • Military members
  • Government employees

This is one of the more generous offers around in retail! Don’t pay more when you can get such an awesome discount as a “thank you” for the work you do!

7. Become a Product Tester

New Balance is always looking for ways to improve its products, especially its shoes. And who can give them better feedback than you!? Did you know you can apply to become a product tester?

Being a product tester has a major perk: you get to try out the apparel for free in exchange for providing honest feedback. You don’t get to keep the apparel (aw, shucks!) but you do get to wear them for a while.

If you’re someone who’s looking to make a stylish statement or loves to stay on top of the latest trends, you can always test the products for free.

8. Join the New Balance Affiliate Program

There’s saving money on New Balance, and then there is making money on New Balance! Bonus points for you if you save money to use towards new apparel – that’s a great way to knock the price tag a little lower!

Join the New Balance Affiliate Program! You can earn 2% as a starting commission rate, and with the average order being over $120, that’s not a bad way to score some extra cash.  To save money on New Balance, why not make money with New Balance?

9. Get a 15% Student Discount and Free Shipping

New Balance loves students! Through sites like StudentBeans, students can get 15% off plus free shipping. Oftentimes, this isn’t just for college students alone – these discounts work as long as you’re over the age of 16 and enrolled full time in high school. Save money while you’re in school!

10. Aim for Free Shipping

When it comes time to fill your shopping cart, make sure you actually fill your cart! New Balance offers free shipping on orders with a $50 value or more. If you’re buying shoes, this shouldn’t be a problem, but check the amount before you checkout to save more!

11. Look for your Birthday Reward Coupon

If you haven’t signed up for myNB Loyalty Rewards, what are you waiting for?! Take advantage of the $20 birthday coupon and get a deal on that pair of sneakers you’ve been eyeing. Treat yourself, courtesy of New Balance! 

Keep in mind this is only for orders over $100, and the offer expires after 7 days. Watch your mailbox and inbox for this one! 

12. Shop the Sale First

Like most retailers, New Balance knows you want to save a buck or two. They even have a Sale tab to make your search for a discount easier. Save money on New Balance by shopping the Sale tab first, where you can find deals that are 20% off or more!

13. Buy New Balance when it’s Back to School

Nothing says “major sale” like Back to School shopping. And, we all know how expensive going back to school can be! With all of the notebooks, pencils, and crayons, don’t forget to update your growing kid’s wardrobe, too.

Check banners on the New Balance landing page to see what kind of Back to School discounts they’re offering in the late summer and early fall months. And don’t forget that kids’ shoes go on sale!

14. Check the Release Calendar

Another way to save money on New Balance requires some thoughtful planning, but it can be done, my friend. If you have a favorite item from New Balance, say a pair of shoes that you swear by, check the Release Calendar to see when the new launch is coming up.

While you may or may not save on new releases, you can save on the older models of the same shoe as retailers and New Balance may be looking to clear older inventory. This is a blessing for those of us who love to stick with what works!

15. Visit a Store Near You for Clearance Items

Brick and mortar stores are looking to move inventory frequently because of limited shelf space. You can benefit greatly from this! If you have a New Balance store near you, stop by to see what is on their clearance rack before buying online to get a great deal!

Another benefit to shopping at the store: you can try on different shoes and apparel to see how the clothing fits you and if you need to adjust your size to be more comfortable. They even have a 3D foot scan! Save money on New Balance by checking out clearance!

16. Ask for a New Balance Gift Card

Instead of dreading what Aunt Mabel may be gifting (or re-gifting) you for Christmas, make sure friends and family know what your heart desires ahead of time – a New Balance Gift Card! Both physical gift cards and e-gift cards can be ordered from the New Balance site.

Ask for a New Balance gift card to combine with other discounts so you can steal a deal on a nice pair of shoes.

17. Take Quizzes and Shop on Swagbucks

Rewards sites like Swagbucks love to get information on your likes and dislikes for marketing materials. The tradeoff? They give you points to be redeemed for promo codes on your favorite brands like New Balance.

When you shop New Balance with Swagbucks, you can actually get 2% of your money back in the form of points to be redeemed for codes. And you can then use those points for prepaid gift cards that can then be used for more New Balance gear! That’s saving money!

18. Order New Balance Sneakers from Zappos

Believe it or not, the New Balance store isn’t the only place to purchase New Balance sneakers. Have you tried third-party sites like Zappos? Yes, Zappos sells New Balance! They have a great reputation as a shoe seller, and offer free shipping and a 365-day return policy!

If you can find a Zappos sale, you may be able to score a cheaper pair of shoes at Zappos than at New Balance. 

19. Use the Ibotta Extension to Save on New Balance

If you haven’t heard of Ibotta, you’re missing out! Ibotta is a great site for scanning receipts and getting cash back. They also offer discounts just for shopping through their extension. You can save 8% on New Balance by using Ibotta!

Make sure you launch the extension first before shopping for New Balance gear, and that you only have one transaction in a 24-hour window. That’s a great way to save money!

20. Save your Credit Card Rewards and Cash Back

You can’t shake a stick without hitting a credit card company vying for your dollars. Take advantage of the situation! More than likely you already have a credit card or two that offers cash back on your purchases.

Whether you use credit cards that are good for shoe purchases or not, save those credit card rewards and cash back for your next New Balance purchase. It’s like getting free shoes!

21. Check out a Sneaker Reseller

There are resellers out the wazoo with the e-commerce environment we live in. If you are looking for the best deal around on New Balance, check out a sneaker reseller to see what kind of deals they have going on. This is especially great for vintage New Balance sneakers.

If you’re looking to save money on New Balance, especially on classic models, check out a reseller first.

22. Buy Used New Balance Gear from REI

Honestly, whether new or used, REI usually has you covered on outdoor gear. New Balance is no exception. If you want to save money on brand new New Balance (say that three times fast…) you can easily take advantage of sales and their return policy to try it out.

But REI shines like a star when it comes to used gear. You can buy New Balance clothes and shoes at an exception mark down if you’re willing to buy it used. It’s savings for both your wallet and the planet!

23. Find a New Balance Coupon

Like most sites, if you look hard enough (which, lucky for you, isn’t too hard) you can find a New Balance coupon. Don’t forget to search for New Balance deals and discount codes, as well. Using a coupon is a tried and true way to keep more money in your pocket.

FAQs on Saving Money on New Balance

What’s the easiest way to save money on New Balance shoes?

Basically, using promo codes or coupons is often the easiest and most obvious way to save money, even when it comes to shoe purchases like New Balance shoes.

Where can I buy New Balance?

You can buy New Balance directly from their site, or at third-party sellers like REI, Zappos, and shoe retailers like Foot Locker. Be wary when searching for third-party sites and make sure they’re legitimate and have good reviews.

Why is New Balance so popular?

New Balance shoes have been around for quite a while, and they prioritize comfort (historically) more than style. Their older models weren’t very flashy but they do have some with a bit of flair recently. They are valued by casual shoe enthusiasts and athletes, alike.

Does New Balance offer discounts?

Yes! New Balance offers discounts for college students, teachers, first responders, government employees, nurses, and military members. They value the work others do in the community and offer a generous 25% off.

Are the Deals on New Balance worth it?

With all of the ways to save, it’s worth it to consider shopping for New Balance shoes and gear if you’ve not already. They offer significant coupons and discounts, and you can find their brand on reputable third-party sites, as well.

Saving money on New Balance isn’t as hard as you thought it would be, is it? Make sure to take advantage of all New Balance has to offer!

Leslie Roberts is an experienced writer, Salesforce consultant, and koopy.com contributor from North Carolina who enjoys writing about a variety of topics and hates overpaying for things. She also loves traveling, spending lots of time outdoors, and reading.

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